Friday, June 21, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Greinke Edition

I want to use this 1990 Topps custom to address Topps Archives. Yeah, I know that people have basically been calling it a failure, but I want to address it from my standpoint. You're probably wondering what my seal of approval really means, and it if really matters at all. Well, Topps Archives is an idea that is very loosely inspired (and I use the word inspired also very loosely) by my own custom cards. And also, I liked last year's set.

So, let's examine 2013 Topps Archives in a few key areas.

Cardstock: The last two years, one of the main complaints to most 'vintage' Topps sets has been the cardstock, like it's too flimsy or it's not as good as the original cardstock is. While I'll admit that last year's Archives was a bit too glossy to be taken seriously as a vintage set, this year's set has indeed improved on that front. It's similar to how Heritage transitioned from its traditional stock to the A&G stock they've been using. Though it's still not perfect, it's at least a change.

Inserts: Last year I remember a lot of oddball inserts, like the Deckle edges or cloth stickers. This year's inserts are more composed, and are more reminiscent of earlier Topps sets. Like the 1983 All Stars, or the Tall Boys, or the other ones. I think it's definitely an improvement, though I'm disappointed that they're using the Super Veterans as a comparison set, rather than what it should be. I was waiting for them to compare a shot of Jeter now to one of him 20 years ago. But they're at least an improvement.

Set Choices: I don't think they're that bad. I mean, I'll say that they used some nice ones last year, though they still got four sets that I at least don't dislike. The 1982 and 1972 ones are personal favorites, and I don't mind the 1985 one. The 1990 set, while I was suspicious, grew on me. I liked seeing people like rookies and stuff in that design. It would have been funnier if they used the louder color schemes of the traded set, but I digress. I still think they were fine. If they do this next year, I would suggest 1969, 1974, 1976 and 1981.

Player Selection: While I'll admit that it's heavy on a few rookies that might not pan out, and the Tall Boys series has a few head-scratchers (Ellis Burks? Dante Bichette?), the selection is generally fine.

Hits: As usual, the autographs are amazing, and I'll never complain about getting an on-card auto of a famous 70's player. It'll be like getting an autograph of Scott Rolen or Chase Utley in 30 years. Fun to collect, even if it's not a hall of famer. I got my autograph of John Mayberry, and that's a pretty nice one.

Overall, I think it's a fine, while slightly flawed, set. People can talk smack, but I'll still collect it, because it's a good idea that sorta pays off.

Coming Tomorrow- A highly touted rookie for Pittsburgh. No, not that one. Or that one. OR THAT ONE! Yeah, that one.

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