Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Morneau Edition

The Twins, once a team full of bright young prospects, has been reduced to a team of unknowns. Matter of fact, I often have trouble figuring out who all of these people are.

I mean, aside from Mauer, Morneau, and Vance Worley. Those three have some publicity, maybe less on Worley. But everybody else I've either never heard of, or I've heard of vaguely. People like Brian Dozier, Jason Hicks, Trevor Plouffe, and Pedro Florimon, whose name makes him sound like he should be launched out of a Pokeball.

I mean, there are teams like the Marlins and Astros, both of whom are mainly made up of prospects and rejects from other teams, but at least some of those rejects ring a bell in my mind. The Twins, I can't even guarantee that people will have heard of these people in a year. Like, what happened to Ben Revere, how he sorta ballooned up within a year. I don't know if that'll happen.

And it's not like they have some sort of monster prospect on deck. You'd expect the Twins to have somebody like Yasiel Puig or Dylan Bundy waiting in the wings, but they really don't. Most of their big prospects have been slapped onto the lineup, and have morphed into mediocre starters. They don't have a big time prospect, because they're been giving most of those away.

So really, I don't expect the Twins to really succeed this season, for that reason alone. And the people I have heard of are on the decline, All-Star nod or no. Will they even succeed in the future? Who's to say. Next year will probably be the huge 'The Twins are Somehow in First Place' year, or sometime soon.

I don't know how they'll get to first, but it could happen. Eventually.

Coming Tomorrow- Speaking of big time rookies, here's one for the Mets.

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