Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Napoli Edition

And so, yet again, the Red Sox are on top. This was sort of bound to happen, as the Yankees and Red Sox have been alternating 1st and 2nd like those two kids on the block that would always wear matching shirts. It just becomes redundant after a while, to the point where you just want one of them to stop.

Unlike last year, the Red Sox actually have some respectable players on their team. Unfortunately, Mike Napoli is not one of them.

Napoli...I really don't get why he appealed to people with the Rangers. He was a sub-par catcher who hit .250 and just belted homers when he was healthy. He was in no way shape or form an impressive player. He was good, and he had some sort of fan following there, but there was a reason why he shared playing time with Bengie Molina during his last season.

Thankfully, Napoli has been hitting well for Boston, which I can understand. I mean, after all, they do feed off of players who do nothing but hit (see Ross, Cody and Ortiz, David). Napoli is at least having a nice season so far, but not to the point of deserving an All Star nomination. He may be good, but he's not THAT good.

As long as he's good enough to make Boston fans happy, he's fine by me.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the less infuriating Cardinals, and I say that solely due to his efforts in Queens.

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