Sunday, June 30, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Myers Edition

In January, when all those people up top, slurping on Big Gulps, pens behind their ears, all made their predictions as to which teams would land where, I'm fairly certain that many of them had two teams in two well-defined spaces. They all thought that the Rays would finish third in the AL East, and the Royals would finish fifth in the AL Central.

Of course, everybody thought that Wil Myers would be the one to rocket the Royals to glory, victory, and everything that Eric Hosmer couldn't own up to.

Well, this season Wil Myers is playing for the Rays, and he's currently stuck in fifth place, while the team he was traded from is now in third, flourishing under the failures of Chicago and Minnesota. And he's not the herculean, wonder-boy, amazing player that he was hyped up to be.

But give him a little credit. It's only his rookie season. I mean, some players who look good on the outside don't amount to much on their rookie year. I mean, look at Yasiel Pui...okay, that's a bad example. Look at Bryce Harp...that's also a bad example. Look at David Pri...okay, maybe not. Maybe it just varies, I guess. Like, not every player looks good their rookie season.

Wil Myers might have some great seasons in him. They just might happen later on. As of right now, he's not playing like we all thought he would play. But people need to learn to give him some time. You know, Philly gave Dom Brown some time, and look at him now.

So at least keep Wil Myers in your binders for now, but until he's gone through his third team in 2 years, don't take him out.

Coming Tomorrow- The catcher for a team I despise.

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