Thursday, August 29, 2013

Panini Football vs. Topps Football, Part Two: Topps

Yesterday, I showed the results of the two rack packs of Panini. Quality cards, and great set, but it was my second time opening packs of it. I came for something new, and thankfully, I snatched a blaster of Topps, as well. Will it stack up? Let's find out

By the way, since this is a blaster, I got a guaranteed patch card, and it's of Vernon Davis, of the 49ers...a team that kicked my Packers' ass last year. Terrific.

Pack 1-
197- Torrey Smith. Fitting that my first Topps football card of the year is a Raven, one of the Super Bowl champs.
396- Kroy Biermann. And, already, here's a player I don't know. Good ol' Topps.
117- Adrian Peterson MVP and Offensive Player of the Year. Glad they're saving cardboard by putting both achievements on one card.
a Future Legends insert of Tyler Eifert, who's a rookie for the Bengals.
75- Jamaal Charles, who's back to being awesome. Reid will have fun with him.
27- TJ McDonald rookie
428- Terrance Williams rookie. Oh, great, another Cowboy
70- Alfred Morris. Funny how I didn't hear a thing about Morris during the season, and now I keep pulling cards of him. Hm.

Pack 2-
157- Bernard Pierce, former Temple Owl. By the way, anyone else find it weird that, in the basic info section, Topps lists everyone's Twitter handles? Like, people collecting cards in 10 years won't find that dated?
188- Speaking of dated, HEY, IT'S ASANTE SAMUEL!
409- Malcolm Jenkins
a Joe Montana mini, which is nice
36- Bears tc
178- Damontre Moore
335- Shawn Williams
163- Fred Davis.

Pack 3-
15- Harry Douglas. Sounds like a character on an 80's sitcom.
342- Ryan Kerrigan
81- Bruce Irvin
A 4,000 Yard Club insert of Andrew Luck. These look pretty nice.
Legends in the Making insert of Larry Fitzgerald.
48- Chad Greenway
202- Stedman Bailey. Boy, I've been pulling a lot of cards of this guy.
366- Robert Mathis.

Pack 4-
4- Jacquizz Rodgers
162- Daryl Washington
254- Mohamed Sanu
106- Jets team card GOLD #'D TO 2013.
Calvin Johnson (Jr.) 1,000 Yard Club insert
100- Tom Brady, who will likely spend this season on the bench. Ha.
245- Speaking of players who will likely spend 2013 on the bench, HEY, IT'S MATT BARKELY!
348- Jermichael Finley

Pack 5-
45- Andre Roberts
231- Ndamukong Suh. The man who can kick Matt Schaub in the crotch on Thanksgiving and get away with it.
Reggie Wayne mini. Glad that the minis this year are
Janoris Jenkins Future Legends
323- Bucs tc
259- Josh Boyce
421- Chris Harper
408- Osi Umenyiora, hastily photoshopped into a Falcons uniform

Pack 6-
189- Jonathan Stewart
418- Mike Tolbert
280- One of the best young QBs in the game, Russell Wilson
325- Roddy White
Gridiron Legends of Rod Woodson, always nice to pull in a pack of meh.
Legends in the Making of Andre Johnson
267- Justin Tuck
272- Quinton Patton. This guy again?

Pack 7-
383- Greg Olsen
167- Raiders tc
364- Trent Cole, great to pull an Eagle
168- Darren Sproles
Chris Johnson 1,000 Yard Club
209- Jarvis Jones again.
350- Tony Gonzalez, which would have been a great card if he actually decided to retire.

Pack 8-
165- Alshon Jeffery
334- Luke Keuchly, ROY
Arian Foster mini
4000 Yard Club insert of Josh Freeman.
84- Seahawks tc
242- Tyler Bray
201- Sheldon Richardson
187- Ryan Clady. No stats for a veteran player?

Pack 9-
90- Julius Peppers
174- BenJarvus Green-Ellis
329- Thomas Davis. Man, what a generic name.
Future Legends of Alfred Morris
319- Earl Thomas
107- DJ Fluker
49- Dee Milliner
103- Max Unger

Pack 10-
238- Jermaine Gresham
17- Vontaze Burfict
152- Brian Cushing
216- Janoris Jenkins
Legends in the Making of a badly photoshopped Darrelle Revis
274- Jonathan Cooper
226- Cameron Wake

Man, that was kinda underwhelming. I kinda ran out of things to say at the end. It just felt mailed in, like a redone version of last year's set. Still, there is some effort around, and there are some good inserts. I'll give it a B. Meh.

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