Monday, August 26, 2013

Football Rip for the Masses: 2013 Panini Momentum

Now, boys and girls, can you say "high end"?

Don't answer that. It was rhetorical.

But oh my fricking gosh is this set high end. Of course, the emphasis is on rookies, but it is on making the rookies look like gods. Like, that's why Geno Smith looks godlike in this. And remember, this is only the Jets' backup. Still, this is a high end, hit-heavy rookie set. Why my contact would even remotely think I would enjoy this box is beyond me, but I'm rippin 'er anyway.

As you can see, we have 10 packs, with only 6 cards per pack. In each pack, you get four base cards of veterans, a base card of a rookie, nongimmicked (for the most part), and a hit. That's right. One hit per pack. And it's always gonna be a rookie. This should be interesting.

Pack 1-
Base Cards- Kevin Kolb, who Panini decided not to photoshop into a Bills jersey (which seems odd, as you'll see later), Isaiah Pead, Antonio Brown, TY Hilton
Rookie Base- Kenjon Barner. No, not Kentwaan Balmer. Kenjon Barner.
Our first hit is...oh, come on, THIS ISN'T EVEN FUNNY. NOT REMOTELY. ANOTHER &*^&*^&*^&*^$##ING COWBOY! GAAHH! This is Gavin Escobar, numbered to 399. Gah. Blah. AARGGGH!
Pack 2-
Base Cards- Matt Forte, Mark 'What the hell am I still doing on an official roster" Sanchez, Maurice Jones-Drew, Steve Smith.
Rookie Base- Andre Ellington hit in this box is so mind-numbingly awesome that it makes up for every Cowboy, Steeler, Red Sock and every bad card I've ever pulled. At
That would be a Rookie Team Threads game used of Tavon Austin. Yes, the same Tavon Austin who was drafted first overall this year. Not since me pulling a 2010 relic of Bradford, Tebow, McCoy and Claussen have I pulled this big of a potential awesome card. If Austin turns out to be awesome, then this card will make me rich. Also, it's numbered to 15. Like, all the other ones are numbered lower. This one's numbered to 15. That's amazing.
Pack 30
Clay Mathews, Andy Dalton, Kendall Wright, and Matt Flynn. Now, if they couldn't photoshop Kolb into a Bills jersey, how can they PS Flynn into a Raider jersey. Hell, he's probably still wearing a Packer jersey in the original photo.
Rookie Base- Ezekiel Ansah. Well, at least it's a first-rounder
My hit this pack is a game used/auto of Quinton Patton, of the 49ers. It is numbered to 399. I have never heard of Patton, so I don't know if I should be pleased or not.
Pack 4-
Base Cards- Jay Cutler, Miles Austin, Matt Schaub, and- oh, well ANOTHER crappy photoshopping, this one of Danny Amendola. Like, what do they have against Kevin Kolb. Not like he was juuuust signed by the Bills before this went to press or anything. It was back in, like, March. Ish.
Rookie Base- Bjoern Werner. What's his name, Werner. What's it mean, diddly. (I fully expect absolutely no one to get that reference. Nobody gets references to Joel episodes.)
My hit in this one is definitely someone I've heard of, and someone you all should know...
Yes. You are reading that correctly. I pulled an autographed card of Manti Te'o, who was one of the biggest college stories this year. That's awesome. Numbered to 199, too.

Pack 5-
Base Cards- Drew Brees, JPP, Trent Richardson, Torrey Smith.
Rookie Base- The man on the box, folks. GENO...SMITH! I got a Geno Smith rookie. Not an auto, but I ain't complaining.
...that is a big swatch. This is a Robert Woods upside jumbo game used, which is nice, except I've never heard of the guy.
Pack 6-
Base Cards- RG3, Demaryius Thomas, Jermaine Gresham, Rashard Mendenhall (MORE PHOTOSHOP!)
Rookie Base- Chris Harper
My, isn't this a Rams-heavy box? My game-used is a Stedman Bailey Rookie Team Threads. Pretty nice one, though that first name...
Pack 7-
Base Cards- Vincent Jackson, Andrew Luck, Randall Cobb, Alfred Morris
Rookie Base- Jordan Reed
This pack brought to you by the Washington Redskins. My auto was a Phillip Thomas, numbered to 599.
Pack 8-
Base Cards- Antonio Comartie, Adrian Peterson, Julio Jones, another Steve Smith
Rookie Base- Marquise Goodwin
Another upside jumbo! This one's of Montee Ball, whose name sounds familiar, because how can you forget that name?
Pack 9-
Base Cards- James Laurinitis, Pierre Garcon, Matthew Stafford, DeMarcus Ware
Rookie Base- Vance McDonald
Another Steeler. Thankfully, this Markus Wheaton auto is numbered to 199, so...there is that.
Pack 10-
Base Cards- JJ Watt, Russell Wilson, Ray Rice, Eli Manning.
Rookie Base- Travis Kelce.
And, my final hit... actually a pretty nice one, of 6th overall pick Barkevious Mingo, of the Browns. Hopefully, he'll at least bring some actual talent to Cleveland

...and that's the giveaway. Six boxes, loads of hits, loads of Cowboys. All in all, good fun. Tomorrow, I'm gonna showcase all the hits that are still available, for anyone who feels like grabbing them at the last minute. But still, this was a fun break.


  1. There you go pulling those Cowboys again...

  2. said it before, another NFC heavy box. I've noticed that a lot this year. Weird. If still available, I'm interested in the Bengals, R. Cobb, and the Robert Woods hit.


  3. I would trade for your Redskins singles and the PThomas auto. I got a Marvin McNutt auto from 2012 Strata and can probably find Eagles back to the 90's Email me at QAPLAGCA at yahoo