Monday, January 11, 2016

Nostalgic Box Break: 1994 Collector's Choice Series One (Part Two)

One of the great things about this set, which I've already spoken loads of praise for last post, is that even the packs look awesome. The packs have a number of different designs, the ones shown here being Griffey (of course), Barry Bonds and Kirby Puckett. Mike Piazza is also an option. These propaganda poster designs are also used in the checklists.

Enough praise for just the packs. Onto the 2nd half of the box.

 Pack 13- All base cards here, but, as with the last pack, enough emphasis on horizontal shots to be noticed.

 Two cool sideways shots. Chamberlain's is yet another full-body shot, with great action, but I prefer Jaha's, because there's more emphasis on the throw, more emotion.

 Joey Cora's card is pretty awesome, especially with what it does with shadows. Swift's ain't bad either.

 Nothing can make me dislike this shot. Don't try.
The shadows. The sunglasses. The bat. The fact that it's Bret Saberhagen. So wonderful.

 I like this one too, because it's very dramatic. Like he's collapsing in agony. Dude, you're the Tigers' backup. Life isn't so dramatic.

 Pack 14- Another checklist has appeared, and it's a mighty nice one.

 The Ranger on top is pretty cool, but I like the fact that Ron Darling was still hanging around the league in '94.
 Another really cool red-and-blue Pirates throwback.

 And here's our checklist, which is HOFer Nolan Ryan, and he looks pretty awesome here.

 Pack 15- The 90's collation is coming back to haunt us now.

 Two members of the doomed 90's Mets teams. Bonilla's best days were behind him. Kent's best days were ahead.
 Pack 16- Continued double-gate.

 Jim Deshaies, one-season wonder, was still throwing for the Giants. Torey Luvullo's was pretty cool too, a running catch shot.

 Pack 17- Thankfully some signs of life here, including a HOFer.

 Kirby we've seen. Barry we haven't though, we saw his pack.

 Speaking of steroids, here's a shot of Sammy Sosa stealing a base, which is pretty cool actually.

 Here's our Hall of Famer, Paul Molitor, making sure his path is clear before running home (I think).

 My favorite photo of the pack, Bernie Williams yanking a camcorder out and filming some stuff, which is pretty fun.

 And here's a shot of a crouching Ben McDonald.

 Pack 18- The momentum returns. Feat. more Hall of Famers.

 Fletcher's is cool because it's a very odd angle, and looks like it's skewed out of proportion. Zeile's is just zoomed in enough.

 Mike Piazza's checklist looks pretty good. Meanwhile, Cal Ripken wields a 90's-era cell phone, which marks the third dated technology in this box alone.

 Pack 19- More interesting developments on the vertical side of things here.

 Glenallen Hill looks very happy to be a Cub. Can't say much more than that.

 Here's a pretty nice Eric Karros card, featuring an award he seems pretty happy about winning.

 Pack 20- More crouching, more motion shots.

 Oh yeah, Barry Bonds got his first of many MVPs in 1993.

 Nilsson's is the better shot here because he's following the ball, but you can't ignore Whitaker's because of the contrast of the red with the white. A lot of good stuff here, Upper Deck.

 Pack 21- The glare on this one is kinda bad, but a lot goes on in this one.

 First of all, here's Chuck Knoblauch, who'd win a few rings with the Yankees of the 1990's.
 Frank Viola's riding pretty high in Boston, which is nice. Plus, the Mel Rojas card is zoomed back enough to get his celebration.

 Two Hall of Famers, as of a week ago. Pretty cool.

 Pack 22- We've hit our halfway point, but there are still some refreshing photos around here.
 Kirt Manwaring, no stranger to awesome 90's photos, makes the clever tag here in an awesome catcher shot. Not much else in this pack.

 Pack 23- A ton more to talk about here, though. More really good shots.

 Two highlights cards. One of Randy Myers notching a Saves milestone, the other of Juan-Gone and Barry hitting HR titles.

 Pete Incaviglia in a very cool Phillies throwback, trots through the bases.

 What can be said? George Brett, in his farewell performance on a CC release, looks tough and formidable. Good stuff.

 Pack 24- Our finale for today. Some good stuff still lurking here.

 Reggie's shot is very strong, very powerful, very detailed. McFarlane's has the right amount of action and stuff going on to be another excellent card.

 Kevin Roberson signs some autos in Chicago, which is another pretty cool shot.

 We end on Andres Galarraga nothing a batting championship, as a member of those confounding '93 Rockies. Great to see El Grande Gato get an accolade like that.

Tomorrow, or sometime soon, I'll post the last half. A lot to love in this set.


  1. Been working the checklists set for series 1 and 2. Maybe we can work a trade for any dupes you pull.

    1. Most definitely. I'm not collecting the set, just any cards of guys I collect, so I'll scrounge through the broken box today to see what's available.

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