Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Nostalgic Box Break: 1996 Collector's Choice Series One (Part Three)

Oh my gosh, could I be finishing this box within a week?? This is pretty insane, especially for me!

We've already cracked two thirds of this nostalgically colorful and frenzied box of '96 Collector's Choice. Onto the last half of the box. I want to point out here that this box didn't have any chance for a hit, an auto, a game-used, or anything that'd really get me money. I just ripped it because it's a fun rip. Nothing more.

 Pack 25- A very ho-hum pack to start off this third with. Best ones are a Game card of Albert Belle, which I already have, and a gold parallel of Mike Hampton, who's not going to get any HOF votes tomorrow.

 Pack 26- Now we're talking. A lot more names.

 Two great horizontal cards. Gallego's in the midst of a double play. King is sliding big-time, which is cool.

 Two guys that, up until a few months ago, were both managing MLB teams together. Mattingly was deemed obsolete by the general population of LA, and Molitor is actually doing pretty well for the Twins. Speaking of Molitor, Upper Deck mistakenly assumed 1995 was his last season, and slapped a 'tribute' logo on the card. Molitor would play for 3 more seasons in Minneapolis.

 Two of the best hitters of the 1990's. The man on the right is in Hall of Fame. The man on the left will be joining him this summer.

 Pack 27- Man, you can see those ultra-90's Cubs uniforms from here!

Bob Tewksbury sullenly walks back to the dugout after realizing he's still on a Major league roster.

 A very nice double play shot for Gruzielanek, who also won't be getting any HOF votes tomorrow.
Cal Ripken in a very nice full bleed shot, hitting a liner.

 Andres Galarraga is fiving high to Dante Bichette in Colorado.
Lenny Dykstra is just rounding out his career as a Phillie.

 Joe Carter was still a big hitting presence in baseball in 1996, yet he'd be out of the game within 3 years.
Wade Boggs is looking pretty solemn in this well-posed shot as a Yankee.

 Pack 28- Oh, that teal...
 Andre Dawson's looking awesome as a Marlin in this full-bleed shot. Again, UD assumed 1995 would be his last season, and it wasn't; Andre saddled up for one more season, mainly as a bench player, in 1996.
Jeff Bagwell, who may end up joining Dawson in the HOF, on a Game insert.

 Mesa we're already seen. Ramon Martinez' is pretty great, as he's batting, and someone's coming over to comfort him, as if to say 'Ramon...maybe you should go and practice pitching..."

 Pack 29- Forgot to take an individual of that Mo Rivera rookie up top, mainly because I already have it.

 Derek Jeter, looking youthful and ready for a shot, next to Tony Gwynn, looking slightly over-the-hill and eager to keep going.

 that McGriff Traditional Threads one is pretty nice, as is that shot of a bunting Deion.
As much as I love that Eddie Murray card, again, it's not really a tribute if Murray would end up playing 2 more season.
 Pack 30- For a second I thought that Loaiza was another random parallel I hadn't heard about. This box is doing its damage on my brain.

 Garrett Anderson's rookie card. Not worth as much anymore, I guess.
Barry Bonds' Game Card credits him for a One-Base Error. Oh, he made an error alright.
Al Leiter may be the most likable of the three.

 Pack 31- Doubles are taking their toll, but at least there's a nice Cal lying around.
 This is a really cool mid-air throw card of Tim Naehring.

 DOUBLE CECIL! Probably taken within the same play.

 Gotta love Cal. A similar version of this card came with Series 2.

 As an added bonus, here's a silver parallel of Fantasy Team Biggio

 Pack 32- I can see those weird-old Royals throwbacks a mile away.

 Griffey's game card and Biggio's Fantasy team we've already seen. Denny Martinez' International Flavor, however, we haven't seen, and it's pretty cool.

 A ridiculous looking Greg Gagne and a smiling Mark Portugal cap off this pack.

 Pack 33- Home stretch, yet the cards still look new and fun.

 Two excellent horizontals. MacFarlane looks really caught off-guard, yet still focused. Royce Clayton's has the right amount of shadow, and it looks really well-layered and cool.

 I love the fact that the 90's happened so that this card, and this photo, could exist. This is so fun, so lovable, and so 1995.

 A technical Johnny Damon rookie, and a Game Card of Kirby Puckett.

 Pack 34- What is it with this set and amazing backgrounds for inserts?

 Fernando Valenzuela repping Mexico in International Flavor. Mo Vaughn as a Stolen Base in the Game insert, which is the most ironic thing I've seen in a while.

 Edgar Martinez and Jim Edmonds will be waiting tomorrow to hear if there's any good news. Meanwhile, I'm stunned that Bret Saberhagen was still playing in 1996, and for the Rockies.

 Pack 35- Not a ton left to show here.
 Here's a silver parallel of Dennis Martinez, and a game card of Ozzie Smith

 Pack 36- Last pack, last few cool cards.

 Ozzie we've seen. Randy's is a great Game Card.
And one last thrilling horizontal with Jeff Kent in mid-hit.

That was a fun box. Lots of great 90's stars, lots of guys who could be Hall of Famers tomorrow, and lots of great 90's memories. I'll see if there's anything 90's-esque that I could post before I regain things to write about.

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  1. That 'Bichette Happens' card would have made 15 year-old me laugh. Heck, even 34 year-old me got a bit of a smile out of it.