Monday, December 26, 2016

Stocking Stuffers: 2016 Topps Chrome and Heritage High Number

Not sure if many of you heard, but yesterday was Christmas.

While I did get some baseball-related stuff, like some hats and merch and...Yankee tickets, my dad was nice enough to throw in a few packs just to whet my appetite. One of them was a racker of Topps Update, and since I've shown enough of that on this blog, I'll let you all imagine what I received. Instead, I'll be showing the other packs, a racker of 2016 Topps Chrome and a hanger box of Heritage High Number. This will be my first taste of Chrome this year, and likely my only taste, as well as being a subsequent addition of Heritage High #.

Chrome goes first. Three packs, one special 'pinks only' pack

Pack 1-
192- Felix Hernandez. Again, Chrome is pretty simple, but at least this year's slightly improves the '16 design. They're also not as jadedly bent as past years.
Perspectives insert of Bryce Harper, which is not only a nice insert pull, but a reminder that Perspectives was made more for Chrome than for flagship.
98- Seung-Hwan Oh. Nice shot of the Cards' closer, but...still a Cardinals card.
23- JACOBY ELLSBURY. Takes the Cardinal sting out of it. Look, Ellsbury hasn't been perfect as a Yankee, but he's been good enough, and I hope he can go even bigger for 2017.

Pack 2-
78- Dustin Pedroia. Lots of respect for him, but still a Red Sox.
53- Giancarlo Stanton. He's 26 and already has 200 home runs. Not too bad, Giancarlo.
Future Stars insert of Roberto Osuna. I dig the stained-glass look on this set, but...wish it was a team I liked.
62- Billy Hamilton. This shot, smoke look and all, works well on chrome.

Pack 3-
26- Adrian Gonzalez. Always a joy to pull an A-Gon.
Perspectives of KYLE SCHWARBER. Heck of a pull, and a heck of a shot.
108- Maliex Smith. Eh.
153- David Ortiz. I believe this is a photo variation from the flagship one, and it's a pretty great one at that.

100- Josh Donaldson, still among the best
188- Sonny Gray, hoping to get back up to the top.
93- Ross Stripling. No-no attempt aside, eh.

High #:
679- josh Tomlin, one of the heroes behind Cleveland's WS run
554- Matt Joyce
688- Tony Barnette, Japan-league standout
501- Hank Conger
698- Jose Ramirez, ANOTHER Indians WS hero.
553- Joe Blanton, former Phillies 5th rotation man.
645- Pat Dean
551- Tyler Clippard
639- Mike Clevinger
595- Jimmy Nelson
611- Yovani Gallardo, hoping to have a better season in 2017.
589- Josh Phegley
617- Jose Quintana, surprisingly one of the best pitchers of 2016.
542- Chris Coghlan, who surprisingly didn't make much of an impact upon his return to Chicago.
613- Fernando Abad
my short print is...715- VINCE VELASQUEZ, Philly hero. Hope he has another big year next year.
716- Christian Vazquez MINI #'D TO 100. Another nice pull, but...sadly a Red Sox.
Now and Then insert of Victor Martinez
Eaton- Frazier insert: "Chicago Clubbers", which leads me to wonder how big these post-game parties get.
683- Whit Merrifield.
several doubles to end the box.

Some nice enough stocking-stuffers, good enough packs.

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