Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Stars Are Out: As Seen On TV Edition

SAO18 #7- Weatherman and TV Personality Al Roker
My subset dedicated to famous people throwing out the first pitch at ballgames continues with these three, all people who have been on television in some capacity. Somehow all three of these favor east coast teams, but...I don't plan 'em, I just customize 'em.

We'll start with Al Roker, because why not. He's always been a generally jovial guy, purveyor of good morning energy, and he's been one of the more constant presences on the Today Show. Even if you despise morning television, you know Al Roker. And having Al Roker throw out a pitch in a Mets uniform...kind of fits, to be perfectly honest. The Mets, like Roker, are affable, inoffensive, and quaint enough to be enjoyed.

SAO18 #8- Food Network Star At Home Giada De Laurentiis

Moving from morning shows to cooking shows, we have Giada De Laurentiis, Food Network's flagship non-Flay star, and one of my mom's go-to chefs whenever she wants to just have something on in the background while she's cooking better food. Here she is, either enthusiastically throwing out the first pitch at a Baltimore Orioles game or performing some sort of ritual or something.

Speaking of Baltimore...

SAO18 #9- Frank Underwood's Lackey and Friend of Superman Michael Kelly
Another guy who's been on TV a bit less prevalently than the other two, but if you've watched a lot of things, you know Michael Kelly. He's one of the premier 'that guy's' on film. Also, he's one of the more popular supporting characters on House of Cards, and I imagine he'll be getting a ton more screen time on this final, Spacey-less season of the show.

He falls into the category that I'm trying to showcase a bit more on this series: guys who are 'take-it-or-leave-it' sort of famous, who you really wouldn't think of otherwise, who'd be a nice little surprise if they showed up and threw out a first pitch. Michael Kelly's probably the chief one of these.

I'll post another few of these this weekend, I'm guessing. Expect some MLB-ers to show up.

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