Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Stars Are Out: Football Edition

SAO18 #4 - Former Redskin and Current Vikings QB Kirk Cousins

I'm trying to group the various Stars Are Out customs I have made already (which, by now, is several), by common themes, or common thread lines. This one's kinda obvious- all three guys I'm showcasing here are either former or current football players.

This guy has every right to be happy: the Minnesota Vikings just signed him to a nice contract after only doing a slightly-above-serviceable job in quarterbacking the Redskins for 6 years. True, Kirk Cousins has had some good numbers over the years, but he does fall into the Chad Pennington school of one-dimensional quota filler. Which isn't to say the Vikings have made a mistake, although...would that be too uncharacteristic of the Vikings?

Whatever, he looks happy in a Twins uniform. Not too many people have this season.

SAO18 #5 - San Diego Legend LaDanian Tomlinson
Let's move onto other matters, like how odd LaDanian Tomlinson looks on one of these that isn't a San Diego Padres card.

I mean, the guy never played for Dallas, so his only business in Arlington has to do with golf...I think? I'm not entirely sure. Whatever, he looks happy to be there, and even if he doesn't have a ton of reasons to be in Texas, other than...possibly living there (I have literally no idea), this is still a nice card of an NFL legend.

SAO18 #6 - Multiple Super Bowl Winner and San Francisco Icon Joe Montana
Biggest one last, and despite looking as though he dressed to cat burgle somebody's house, which is a task reserved for a DIFFERENT NFL hall of famer, perhaps someone who played most of his games in Buffalo and appeared in a couple Naked Gun films, Joe Montana does seem absolutely thrilled to be back in San Francisco. And why shouldn't he be? He made his career there, winning a few Super Bowl rings and MVPs and making it look easy.

I'll end on Joe, and tease that my next post of these involves people who, for some reason or another, have been on television.


  1. Just came across your blog - awesome customs!

    My guess on LT in Texas is college - didn't he go to TCU?

    1. Yes, he did. Thank you, that does explain a lot.

  2. Jordan, your father knows LT and works for the frickin NFL, ask the man. He would have told you that LT went to TCU and still has ties in the Lone Star State.