Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Two Blasters of 2022 Stadium Club [Part One]


The bad news is I'm probably not gonna continue my tradition of breaking a hobby box of Stadium Club this year. Just can't make it work this year.

The good news is I did manage to find two blasters of the stuff on Topaz's website, and I suppose that'll have to suffice. I've been excited for this year's edition of Stadium Club for a while, due to its really awesome base design, handful of nice cards I'd spotted online, and probability of finding a damned Julio Rodriguez card. I'll post one of the blasters today and the other tomorrow.

Each blaster comes with a fuller-size Artist's Proof base variation in the style of 1993 Topps, which is a nice touch. Posey was a pretty great choice for one.

Pack 1- Already we have two 2022 Phillies in Castellanos and pre-trade Marsh, a HOFer in Edgar, and a decent rookie in Baz.

Since this is a 2022 product, here is a Wander Franco card. I think these are still worth something. As you'll soon find out, Team of the Future is one of the better insert designs we have this year.

Pack 2- The best photo obviously goes to Ian Anderson, on the search for Yogi Bear from the looks of things. 

Our one-per-pack orange/sepia parallel, and it's of a guy I don't collect with a photo we've seen a ton of times.

Pack 3- Another 2022 Phillies in Schwarber, a great dramatic shot of Ortiz, one of a few pitchers in batting position photos in this set of Waino, and a good Seager shot from circa May.

Best card in the set. The MVP gets a beaut. No notes.

Pack 4- Here's the other MVP, one of two Cardinals here. I love the Murray one. Also good that A.) Topps got Kimbrel's full lunge B.) in a Dodger jersey. 

Pack 5- Muncy's is the best shot in the pack, though I like Gurriel's, and I love getting a Sox Fisk.

Pack 6- Two HOFers, and Dawson's Expos duds stand out the most. Franmil's is slightly outdated but I love that Little League Classic jersey of his. 

So uh...Power Zone sucks this year. This is a design I'd expect from modern Topps. I assume that with COVID delays they had to choose an insert design that had as little foil as possible, so we get this uninspired one. Lovely. I wish I'd be happier about pulling a Griffey card. 

Pack 7- More good stuff, including a third 2022 Phillie in Harper, a Hall of Famer and a future Hall of Famer.

Also slightly disappointing this year are the triumvirates. Photo choice, design simplicity. Down several pegs from where we were when this set came back in 2014. Vladdie is a good pull though.

Pack 8- Dylan Carlson's got a ton of great outfield shots, it seems. And that is a Lodolo rookie, which is one of the more high profile rookies that landed in these.

And we end with a nice chrome version of Mike Trout's base card. No complaints here.

Tomorrow I'll post the results of the second blaster.


  1. Seems like a solid blaster! I've got two boxes of Stadium Club to break tonight as part of a group break, definitely looking forward to seeing what all is in the set (I've tried to avoid "spoilers" as much as possible - your post notwithstanding).

  2. Seeing Pete Alonso on the cover wearing 44 is a bit disorienting, as it's not his number. But everyone wore 44 for the Home Run Derby this year, so that must be where the photo comes from.

  3. Think I'm kind of over Stadium Club, starting to get a little samey-same. ... Very much reminds me of 2010 Upper Deck, especially when there's green at the bottom of the photo.

  4. Was thinking the same thing...

  5. If you are interested in some kind of simple PWE trade for the McGwire, let me know and I will try to find something for you.

  6. Some nice looking cards there! Hopefully it'll pop up in the wild soon.