Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 Sweet Spot

A belated Birthday present for me was a box of Sweet Spot, which gives me mixed response. Yes, I get a game used in every pack, but it's never really a good one. But the base set it pretty cool, and from what I hear, the inserts are too. 3 packs per box, which is either a ripoff or a good idea

We have to rip to find out,

Pack 1-
86- Roy Halladay, now on the Phillies
52- Joba Chamberlain36- Han-Ram
Unnecessary UD Insert
69- Kosuke Fukudome
37- GODZILLA!!!!!!!
93- Steven Drew. I just can't understand why they include him in a high end product.
17- Chutley

Pack 2-
92- Ryan Zimmerman
12- Carlos Beltran
68- Kevin Youklis, who I keep getting too many cards of
19- Chippah
73- My 9,000,000,000th card of Texiera on the Yanks (Not really)
57- Johnny Cueto
33- Freddy Sanchez, shopped into his Giants uni
89- Ryan Braun

The last pack, containing the card that will make or break this tin
22- Cliff Lee
6- A-ROD
62- Hamilton (Not the one played by Will Forte)
30- Eva Longoria
And my game used is a Sweet Swatch memorabilla of...2009 CY YOUNG WINNER ZACK GRIENKE!!!!!! I am satisfied. It's not a yankee, but it's a game used of a very, very good player.
21- Clayton Kershaw
77- Michael Young
13- Carlos Quentin

This was a 30 dollar box conatining 3 packs. Was it a ripoff-- HELL NO! I got a star card of a guy who won the AL CY Young. This will be worth something. I know some people are getting crappy luck from Sweet Spot, but I LOOOOOOVE this product.


  1. My sweet spot tin was complete and utter crap. At least someone got something decent out of one... As for me, I've got no plans to ever purchase another tin unless it's marked down to $5.00...

  2. My first tin was terrible, but then I bought another and did great odd wise. I actually got 3 GU cards.