Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is Target trying to tell me something?

I went to Target a few hours ago, and I couldn't find anything related to 2010 topps. I was pissed, but I didn't show it until I got in the car. I mean, when you've been waiting 3 days to go someplace, and when you get there, the reason you went in the first place is not there yet.

That is sad.

I'm going to the other Target near me tomorrow, and they damn well better have it.

(Update: Just found out another blogger is having the exact same problem)


  1. I had already read Covered in Wrappers woes.I really don't think it's the stores fault.Like Marie said, I think select stores get them first.That gets you in the store so maybe you'll buy one of the $30 Sweet Spot Tins (NOT!!)

  2. that sucks- sorry! I don't know how they're allocating those gravity feed boxes. Two of the Targets near me have 2010 Topps, and two don't.