Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh, dear...


Over at Stale Gum, Chris presented the Carlton Fisk gimmick, one I am split on. Let me give you the situation (Cue dancing Jersey Shore idiot)
  • It's an unannounced card of a retired player
  • It's replacing a card of a current player with the same nickname
  • It's a unnecessary short print
  • It's Carlton Fisk. Shut up.

If Topps is doing another SP set this year, I'll be fine with it. I had a grand time finding the last few (I have the Cobb and the Frank Robinson from UH), so it'll be cool.

UPDATE: I have been alerted that since this post, there have been a few other sightings, like a Robin Yount and a Roger Maris. Still, I NEED to get my hands on this product. It's sort of like going Cold Turkey (Which I have never done, unless you count Brownies and Tic Tacs)

You try and go without it for so long, and you know you can't have it, but you need to. The temptation is all over the place. I have seen all of the bloggers presenting their newly ripped '10 packs, and I have to restrain myself until the only clear spot in my week- the weekend. I can't get any tonight, and I'll TRY and get some tomorrow, with no luck. Either way, I will give you some 2010 Topps THIS WEEK, whether the bloggers can take my boring, pictureless pack breaks or not. And yes, I will include some photos this time, just to show you guys.

This has been a public service announcement from the Custom Card Meister, Jordan. Remember: Do Cards, Not Drugs.


  1. Apparently there are a couple of these. I saw at least two more mentioned.

  2. It is collectable and old fashion fun.