Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Topps Baseball 8 Pack Rip

Yep, I finally got me some swag. It took 2 hours, 4 places and 1 trip to a mall, but I eventaully got some sweet swag.

Let's rip already!

Pack 1-
143- Omar Vizquel. Now on the White Sox
183- Jonathan Poopelbon
235- Neftali Feliz
325- Julio Lugo
97- Luis Durango
207- Colby Rasmus. Nice!
Peak Performers of A-ROD!
Red Back Mini Lou Gehrig, soul patch-less
Todd Helton Topps Town
251- John Lannan
264- D-Backs Franchise History. Yeah, 2001 series. Thanks a lot.
85- Ken Griffey Jr.! Nice way to end a pack!

Pack 2-
52- Billy Butler
278- The Carlos on the Mets that ISN'T missing the first half of the season.
119- Wilkin Ramirez
147- Huston Street. How was this guy the AL ROY in 05. Just sad.
32- Reds team card
Peak performances of Tom Seaver
Mariano Rivera Red Back
David Wright Topps Town
7- Gee, who's #7 again. Mickey Mantle! Usually, it takes me more than 2 pacsk to find this guy.
16- Johnny Cueto
45- David Hernandez. I saw this guy get bombed by Boston last year.

Pack 3-
182- Coco Crisp- Part of this complete breakfast!
276- Matt Lindstrom
31- Jason PropaneElaini
326- Tyler Colvin
260- Yankees Team History
197- Indians team card
Rogers Hornsby Peak Performances
Red Back of...HEY! Rogers Hornsby!
Roy Halladay ToppsTown
17- Dexter Fowler
62- Kevin Millwood
91- Erik Bedard

Pack 4-
267- Blue Jays Franchise History
35- Rick Porcello
128- Garrett Mock
92- ECK...stein
227- Josh Thole
65- Nick Swisher getting pied. Is this like the Texiera card?
Cards I Thank my mom for throwing out- Carl Yazstremski
Tales of the game- The bloody sock.
Albert Pujols ToppsTown
89- JA Happ
170- Jason Bay, not updated
213- Ricky Nolasco

13- Melvin Mora, who is probably out of a job now.
81- Ryan Theriot
176- Yovani Gallardo
228- Chris Petit
222- Granderson NOT YET on the Yanks
140- Matt Holliday, who I am not yelling at Topps for. He's on the Cards, and I'm happy for that.
Peak Peformers of Big Poopi
Another Red Back Rogers Hornsby
HanRam ToppsTown
208- Tim Wakefield
111- Ty Wiggington
290- O-hud. Good player, without a home.

255- Chris Davis
133- Freddy Sanchez
323- Jim Thome. Yeah, I think they got that back image from Google. Even I used that for my custom.
138- Leaders
73- Leaders
History of the game- thing.
Gordon Beckham when they were young
Adam Dunn ToppsTown
24- John Maine
69- Royals Team
117- David DeJesus

Pack...ah, who cares
76- Joe Saunders
139- Frank Fransisco
189- Beltre
292- Tommy Manzella
34- Michael Dunn.
145- Justin Upton
72- Brewers Franchise
Baby Bull of Cards my mother wouldn't ever throw out.
Tales of the game of Josh Hamilton's Homer Derby Smash
Ichiro Topps Town
186- Andrew Bailey

Last pack-
249- Jon Neise
215- Max Scherzer
163- Josh Bulter
236- Andrew Bailey ROY
311- Jose Valverde
Turkey Red...hey, it's Rogers- sorry, CC SABATHIA!!!
Legendary Lineage of Willie McCovey and Ryan Howard
CC Sabathia ToppsTown
26- Zach Duke
146- Yunel Escobar
151- Mat Gamel

Not bad. I am totally satisfied, now that I've got my precious Topps.


  1. Not bad but I just think there is an insert or two too many in each pack.

  2. Is the Beckham When they were young insert available for trade? I got plenty of Yankees I can trade for it. email me -