Monday, January 25, 2010

What I learned from watching the game last night.

Brett Favre is the best there is at what he does...

and what he does is choke in the playoffs.

Will be excited to see him playing for the Lions, Chargers or Dolphins next year. Who cares anymore, he just picks a team out of the hat and starts begging them to sign him.

Still, looks like a damn good super bowl. And even though I'm not doing what I usually do to screw up a big sports event (get tickets), I will be (somehow) going to the Pro Bowl next week down in Miami.

This above paragraph is why I'm the biggest jerk in the blogosphere. Because I just say these things in a "oh, and by the way" kind of way.

But hey, at least Favre's going to Miami...and not to reha- I mean the super bowl.

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