Wednesday, January 6, 2010

...And now the Transactions

First, we have to say goodbye to one of those pitchers where if he retired right now, he's be a lock with Cooperstown. Randy Johnson has retired, and I hope to see him in bronze someday.

Also, Troy Glaus has signed with the Braves, which isn't that bad of a deal. He's a good third baseman, so the Braves might need him.

In other third baseman news, Adrian Beltre has signed with the Red Sox. Now my opinion


...In other news, Matt Holliday has signed with the Yaank- sorry, with teh Cardinals. You guys can have him. He'll be great over there.

and OH CRAP! The Red Sox also traded for Bill Hall. Someone has to go to Boston and direct the GM to the me's room where we'll find all of the past Red Sox trades.

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