Saturday, January 2, 2010

Card Shop Finds

I trotted by the card shop today looking for some of the usual swag. Here is some of the stuff I got

2007 Masterpieces Mike Piazza, Josh Hamilton
2000 Topps Randy Johnson
2002 Heritage Pudge Rodriguez
2001 Donruss The Rookies of Justin Duchduchduchduch
1998 Topps Roger Clemens
1998 Score Eck
1995 Donruss (Last great Donruss set) Jeff Bagwell
1985 Topps Tony Perez
2004 All Time Fan Favorites 1980 Alan Trammell
2003 Topps Mo Vaughn
2002 Topps Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio
2001 Gallery Roy Oswalt Rookie
1998 Topps Cal Ripken
2007 Topps Greg Maddux
2006 Fleer Tradition Carlos Lee
2006 Upper Deck Rafael Palmiero
2005 Diamond Kings Scott Rolen
1998 Topps Randy Johnson
2001 Topps Archives Jim Palmer, Kirk Gibson, Fergie Jenkins, Ozzie Smith
1994 Donruss Randy Johnson
1993 Stadium Club Dave Winfield
2005 ATFF 1959 Al Kaline
2007 SP Authentic Mike Piazza
1998 Topps Mike Piazza, Nomah
2003 Topps Gary Sheffield
2002 Gallery Rickey Henderson
2001 UD Legends Stan Musial, Eddie Murray, Nomah
1993 Topps Traded Dave Winfield
1989 Topps Traded Rafael Palmiero
1993 Topps Kirby Puckett
2003 Fleer Authentix Jim Edmonds
1994 Fleer Darryl Strawberry, Dave Winfield, Paul Molitor
1993 Donruss Eddie Murray
2001 Topps Golden Moments Cal Ripken
2005 Topps Lance Berkman
2000 Ultra Hideo Nomo
1995 UD Jose Canseco
2003 Authentix Carlos Lee
2002 Donruss Fan Club Rickey Henderson
1995 Topps Eddie Murray
1996 Score Hideo Nomo
1999 Ultra Harold Baines
1982 Topps Paul Molitor
1998 Donruss Matt Willaims
1981 Topps Bobby Bonds
2003 Topps Juan Gonzalez
1994 Bowman Bo Jackson
2001 Fleer Focus Fred McGriff
2001 Fleer Platinum Fred McGriff
1996 Fleer Roberto Alomar

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