Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: The Year in Review

What? Already?

Another year went by faster than Mike Trout's run, and I can't believe it. 2012 was quicker than 2011. If this keeps up, 2032 is gonna go by in 10 days. But still, this year was a pretty nice one for me, as I got my 1000th post, my 4th anniversary as a blogger, and my 17th birthday. So it was pretty cool. But, as usual, before we move forward, before 2013 comes in and we act like we were waiting for it, we first have to look back, get one last breath of 2012 before we run out of air. As always, I'll start every sentence with 'this was the year that...', because we have to remember that things actually happened this year.

This was the year that Ichiro Suzuki joined my team. And he was freaking amazing. I know he didn't perform like we all wanted him to, but he still hit well in October, a period when nobody else on the team was hitting very well.

This was the year that I collected more Heritage than usual. Because this year's set was indeed that good. I was very impressed, more than usual. I most likely will get even more packs next year and the year after, because I love both the sets they showcase.

This was the year that my blog readership went up a little bit more. Not earth-shatteringly more, but to a degree.

This was the year that a good friend of mine was in a movie with Bill Murray and Bruce Willis. In a good role, too. And also, this was the year that a good friend of mine was in a movie being considered for a few Oscar nominations. And it's the same flick. So basically, this was a good year for that friend of mine.

This was the year that I went to more Sixers games than I did Phillies games. That's a new one.

This was the year that the Phillies and Eagles were absolutely terrible. And the Sixers weren't too bad.

This was the year that I pulled, out of a pack from a Target in Lake George, New York, a dual game used jersey card of Johnny Bench and Buster Posey. Now both of them have the same number of championship rings. Well how about that. Buster needs one more MVP to match Bench's full accolades, though.

This was the year that a knuckleballer won the Cy Young, and his team promptly dumped him.

This was the year that, on TV, Dexter stopped being good, American Idol stopped being credible, someone no one had heard of beat out Blair Warner and The Guy Who Burned His Hands Clean Off for a million dollars, Modern Family kept being funny, and Wolowitz went to space, got married, and went gambling with his father and law.

This was the year that they came out with 3 comic book movies that people can agree are all good. I hope.

This was the year that Topps came out with a set that copied my Custom Card formula. And I loved it.

This was the year that, after schooling the Orioles, my team bellyflopped in the playoffs. Never again. Hopefully.

This was the year that I messed up on a K-turn. But it happens. Hopefully 2013 will bring better news on this front.

This was the year that I finished my first screenplay. Which was pretty nice.

This was the year that I collected considerably less baseball cards than before, in the 5th anniversary of my entrance into the hobby. I'm on the way out of collecting big-time, folks, but not on the way out of blogging. Not anytime soon.

So that's it. As for the future, I expect tons more Custom Cards, more Topps acquisitions, and more of the stuff that made me happy this year. And I hope all of you out there have just as nice of a 2013.

And to all the aspiring 17-year olds, all the young people who wanna be like me, who aspire to write just as well as me, to do what I've done at this age, I have one piece of advice.

Work on your k-turn.

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