Thursday, December 20, 2012

Two Asymmetrical Packs of Topps Prime Football

Over the last two years, the recurring set that has surprised me the most is Topps Prime Football. Every year, though the design has changed, it has remained a well formed, picture-driven set. I loved the 2010 version, and last year's wasn't bad either. Let's see how this year's does in comparison. I picked out two rack packs--one standard, the other a four-packer.

Rack-pack 1-

120- Rob Gronkowski. And, already, I get a Patriot. Thrilling.
37- Patrick Willis, one of the nicer guys in pro-football.
100- Peyton Manning, pictured as a Bronco. A potential MVP candidate, too.
86- Joe Flacco. He's a Jersey guy. Funny story, one time I saw him leaving a California Pizza Kitchen I was eating at.
129- LeSean McCoy, who I wish was having a better season.
67- Isaiah Pead RC
46- Kendall Wright RC
31- Ryan Mathews, trying his best to make the Chargers relevant
32- Mike Wallace, unrecognizable from his 60 minutes days.
68- Marshawn Lynch.
44- Alex Smith. Having a great season.
10- Cam Newton. His team's bad season is not his fault. He's still a great QB.
5- Nick Foles, who's actually been doing pretty nice for us.
9- TJ Graham

Reg. Pack 1-
3- Jason Pierre Paul, one of the few Giants I met earlier this year
56- Hakeem Nicks, who was with JPP
41- Marques Colston, whose Saints have fallen a bit
95- Jermichael Finley, bound to be released by the end of the year.
Primetimers insert of Ndamukong Suh. Funny, because the last time he was on prime time he kicked Matt Schaub in the nuts.
109- Dontari Poe RC
136- Ryan Broyles

Pack 2-
118- Percy Harvin, who was having a great season until he got hurt
8- Dez Bryant
54- Tony Gonzalez, a Future Hall of Famer for sure
80- Arian Foster
55- Adrian Peterson, having an amazing season.
38- Alshon Jeffery, who did my fantasy team a detriment this season
107- Melvin Ingram

Pack 3-
146- Frank Gore
24- Andre Johnson.
35- Laurent Robinson. I thought this was Maurice Jones-Drew. Shows what I know about the Jags.
20- Eli Manning. What a great QB.
34- Mohamed Sanu
96- Dwayne Allen

And now, the three paralells-
97- Michael Vi...(facepalm). Okay, I wanted an Eagle, just not that one.
146- Frank Gore.
96- Dwayne Allen

This is a pretty nice set, overall. Very well designed. It's like Topps' tribute to Sweet Spot.

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