Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 40 Customs of the Year (#s 30-21)

Ten down, thirty to go.

I feel like this year was probably my best in terms of custom quality and quantity, but worst in terms of readership. Do people not like the customs anymore? If not, make your opinion known.

On with the countdown...

#30- Josh Hamilton, Rangers. 
I feel like I didn't do enough dugout shots this year, since they're usually great whenever I do. This is a nice one, that shows the area of thought on Josh's face, mixed with a nice array of toned-down colors to show his thought process. A really good one, especially for Hamilton fans.
#29- Nate McLouth, Orioles
You'll be seeing a lot of Orioles on this list, for no real reason, just I did a lot of great customs for them. This one of Nate McLouth is a great shot mixed with different shades of light, and great contrast. 
#28- Chien-Ming Wang, Nationals. 
The Greatest Taiwanese Pitcher of All Time. I needed to make a good custom for him, since my last-year's effort wasn't that good. This one is a great pitcher's shot, one that has great color, and shows the fury of this awesome pitcher.
#27- Pablo Sandoval, Giants
Okay, so I had to have a great one here, seeing as Panda here was the hero of that series. This one displays a lot of vantage points- the crowd, the marlins fan behind the wall, the catcher, the umpire, and Pablo. All their expressions are different, and all contribute equally. Also, the shine off of his helmet is a great touch.
#26- Starlin Castro, Cubs
No picture can symbolize the fall of the Chicago Cubs much like this one. The color, drained from the throwback uniform. The shadows, covering his face. The expression, a sad one. The mood, somber. The background, contrasted, as if the rest of the world does not share Chicago's view. An artistically brilliant card, one I'm proud of.
#25- Nick Swisher, Yankees
For every serious card, like the Starlin, you need a fun one. This card has the right amount of fun to make it awesome.
#24- Melky Cabrera, Giants.
Even before the steroid thing, I kinda knew I needed to make a good card of Melky, so I did. The look on his face is one of excitement and relief, and the shot of him hugging the base is one that speaks volumes.
#23- Billy Butler, Royals
Here's a guy I always seem to make great customs of. Also, a good dugout shot of him, simply waiting to get back up there, and seeing what's going on when he's not. A great use of the blue to showcase that mood.
#22- Yu Darvish, Rangers.
Usually my first custom of the year is sorta a dud. This year, I put all my work into making this one look iconic, new, and bold. The colors are great, the blue is great, and the picture is great. I think I might have washed it out too much, and that was the key to many of the more subdued customs this year.
#21- Pedro Alvarez, Pirates.
We end on a throwback to the 2009 OPC set. I think my Jose Reyes from last year reminded me of this set, but the border, as well as the shot, just spell out O-Pee-Chee to me, which is cool. The shot is great, and any batting shot with a catcher in there is ultimately cool.

Well, you've seen 20 good customs. Over the next 2 days, you'll see 20 great ones. More to come.

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