Thursday, December 13, 2012



Leave it to those Angels to come in at the last minute and ruin everything.

It's annoying, too. Like with Pujols, I thought my Phillies had a decent chance at nabbing Josh Hamilton. I was betting on it. At lunch, I was informed that Amaro had made another offer. I was like 'come onnn...come onnn, like I was reeling in a fish.

Of course, then the boat that caught every other fish in the lake came by and snatched it from us,

I mean this was annoying. The Angels don't even NEED any outfield help, they just signed him to prevent everybody ELSE from signing him, which is ballsy and pathetic. Besides, they already had their huge free agent signing LAST year, and it was Pujols. Couldn't they be happy with that? OF COURSE NOT!

But still, it's nice knowing Hamilton will be out of a Rangers uniform for a while. LA will suit him, hopefully. And if not, there's a city closeby that needs some outfield help.

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