Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Detroit, K-Rod City

(I'm sorry. That pun hurt to write.)

I still stand firm in my belief that Francisco Rodriguez is one of the best closers in baseball. Sure, his numbers have dropped, and he doesn't breathe power like he did in the mid-2000's, but he can still rack up 30 saves per season, easily. He's had a very nice resurgence in the last two seasons, and has made two straight All Star teams with the Brewers.

The Tigers, for the second season in a row, really, have had trouble finding a permanent guy for the ninth inning. Joe Nathan is basically done, Joakim Soria has proved a better setup man, and none of the younger guys can prove themselves more than middle relievers.

So, Detroit needs a closer, and Milwaukee needs to rebuild. So, trading K-Rod to the Tigers for a prospect definitely helps both parties.

Neither the Tigers nor the Brewers are really gonna be doing anything big next year. The Brewers are trying to rebuild and rethink every position not filled by Ryan Braun, and getting rid of K-Rod helps that. The Tigers are trying to contend again, and are very close to doing so, except they're still a flawed team, and they're clinging too hard to their pillars, Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander.

This should work well, and i'm interested to see the visual of K-Rod as a Tiger.

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