Friday, November 13, 2015

OH, NO. (or, One Step fourth place.)

Man, first the Rays get stronger, now the Red Sox add one of the best closers in baseball. Baseball doesn't want me to sleep this week, does it?

Kimbrel is consistently lights-out in the ninth, and is one of the most aggressively dominant closers since Eric Gagne. It was bad enough that he had to play my Phillies every once and a while back in the day, so it was good they traded him out of the NL East.

But now...Kimbrel has to face my Yankees in the ninth.

I was fine with LITERALLY ANY OTHER TEAM nabbing Kimbrel. The Sox don't need a closer, because they have Koji Uehara, but because he was injured this season, that scared them, so now apparently they need to replace him with Craig Freaking Kimbrel.

The Padres did get some decent Boston prospects in return, and this is well and good, but this could be a potentially deadly acquisition for the Sox. However...the Sox right now are very run-down, very scattered. They don't have a ton of pitching, they don't have a lot of huge hitters (Papi notwithstanding), and they're very depleted in terms of what they were in 2013. Getting a closer may not help the entire thing.

Kimbrel's gonna give them 40 saves in 2016. I don't think he'll be pitching into the postseason or anything, but he'll be solid.

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