Friday, April 6, 2012

4 More Rack Packs of Heritage

I'm really really liking this year's Heritage, as you can kinda tell. I haven't really been a Heritage fan the last few years, but I'm been enjoying this year's set. The design is colorful, the pictures are awesome, and it's a fun set to collect. So, today I bought four rack packs of it. What can I say, I'm consistent as hell!

Pack 1-
350- Tommy Hanson, The Man Who Got Hurt Too Much
303- Alexi Ogando. Looks like Robert Davi. This is bad news.
106- Tim Lincecum. Is awesome. Just had to say that.
405- MICHAEL EFFING PINEDA! WOOOOOO! True, he's on the DL, but it's still a card of Pineda in a Yankee uni! BOOYAH!
223- Addison Reed rc. Meh.
Flashbacks of Alcatraz, 49 years before it would become a crappy show on Fox.
215- BJ Upton. Still not as good as his younger brother. There, I said it.
418- Johnny Damon. Sadly doesn't have a team this year.
237- Ivan Nova. YEAH!
86- Dayan Vicedio. Seems decent enough.
122- Hanley Ramirez, shoddily photoshopped into an awful uniform.
420- Eduardo Nunez, the heir apparent to Alex Rodriguez. Big shoes to fill, buddy. Literally.
207- Mike Trout. Apparently not ready for the show.
15- Ron Gardenhire.
458- Adron Chambers.
294- Mike Scioscia, whose tragic illness made us smile. (somebody please get the reference)

Pack 2-
117- Vernon Wells. Allergic to america.
79- Kendrys Morales. Hah, hah.
384- Blake DeWitt. Sucks now.
261- Javy Guerra.
Mariano Rivera sticker. Cool.
58- Marlon Byrd. Former Philly propsect, current Fort-Holder in Chicago.
352- Mike Adams.
22- Edwin Jackson.
191- Rookie Stars. I love these. No one of note on this card though.
279- Matt Kemp. Was robbed.
67- Shaun Marcum CHROME #'D TO 1963. Coulda done better, but nice.
201- Yovanni Gallardo
209- Chris Ianetta. I love these cartoons on the backs.
345- Mark Reynolds. What a season he had last year.

Pack #3-
1- Floating heads
214- Joakim Soria.
362- Rookies. Most notably former college star and current Philly prospect Joe Savery.
293- Tim Stauffer. He's so cold he's usually found in the freezer aisle. (Get it? Stauffer's? I'll shut up now)
Alcatraz again
14- Justin Masterson
21- Drew Stubbs.
56- CLIFF LEE!!!
376- Trevor Cahill. Looks like Elmer Fudd.
18- Sox teamup
186- Joe Mauer.
191- The same prospect card I just got
279- Matt Kemp again. Sigh...he's still awesome though.
Then and Now of Koufax and Verlander. Nope, try again. Verlander isn't Jewish.
382- Joe Girardi. (Bows)

Pack 4-
311- Brad Peacock.
300- Carlos Beltran, clearly not wearing a Cardinals uniform.
277- David Price. Yeah, you wrong, bitch.
171- Jordan Zimmerman
299- Rookies. no one of note.
160- Mark Buerhle, not wearing a Marlins uni.
393- Clint Hurdle. People must love jumping him.
262- JD Martinez
208- Rookies. Adron Chambers and Drew Pomeranz are the highlights
252- Aramiz Ramirez. PS'd into a Brewers jersey. I'M ONTO YOU TOPPS!
135- MORE ROOKIES! Steve Lombardozzi and Jordan Pachecho are the ones I've heard of
47- Jayson Werth, pictured with a beard, and without playing time.
352- Mike Adams.
245- Lucas Duda. Kruk.0
485- Mike Napoli.
248- Kosuke Fukudome. Whatever happened to him.

So that's it. I still love this product. Nuff said.

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  1. Scioscia reference from the Simpsons Softball episode...a CLASSIC!