Sunday, April 22, 2012

Three Rack Packs of Gypsy Queen

If someone stopped me out of nowhere and asked me what my favorite product of last year was, my first instinct would be Gypsy Queen. It was an awesome retro set with a good design, good inserts and cool parallels. Maybe I'm biased because I was waiting for another National Chicle and got something just as awesome. But last year's set was really good: so good that it's back for a sequel. The first chance I got, I snapped up three rack packs of the stuff.

Pack 1-
122- Casey McGeehee. Not necessarily the best way to start the packs, but the design's pretty good.
128- Grady Sizemore. Greatest one-legged outfielder ever to play for Cleveland. I kid, Grady's awesome.
138- Chris Carpenter. Out for the season.
245- Darryl Strawberry mini. Not collecting the minis this year, so they're all for trade.
Hallmark Heroes of CAL RIPKEN JR.

Pack 2-
184- Stephen Strasburg. Man, he's getting good.
95- Dexter Fowler. Saw him in the 2008 Futures Game. He was a good prospect.
173- David Ortiz, aka Big Poopi
Sliding Stars of Andrew McCutchen. A sideways shot so good it's a shame I didn't customize it.
71- Ian Kennedy BLACK MINI
Glove Stories of Josh Hamilton.

Pack 3-
80- Ryan Braun. The Hebrew Hammer.
69- Troy Tulowitski. Thankfully hasn't let his rookie season define him.
10- ROY...HALLADAY! What a player.
250- Ken Griffey Jr. BLUE BORDER #'D TO 599! WOW! THAT'S AWESOME!
108- Guillermo Mososco mini Straight Cut back
197- David Freese. Allow me to break the ice- the home run last year will be his defining act. He's the David Tyree of the MLB.

 Brown Borders-
182- Buster Posey. Hoping he bounces back.
170- CLIFF LEE! Only a Vance Worley will make these packs more awesome

Pack 4-
283- Mike Leake. I feel sorry for the team that trades for him, inciting the obvious "Taking a Leake jokes"
116- Josh Reddick
114- Brad Peacock. In the Study, with the candlestick.
Sliding Stars of Elvis Andrus.
320- Justin Verlander mini
Hallmark Heroes of Ernie Banks!

Pack 5-
213- Ryan Lavarnaway. Never heard of him.
36- Adam Lind.
275- Mark Melancon
87- Jayson Werth. Glad he brought the beard back
120- Mickey Mantle Mini!
Moonshots of Frank Thomas. Greatest White Sock of all time

Pack 6-
247- Paul Molitor. Nice!
180- Albert Pujols on the Angels!
140- Joe Mauer. Hoping he returns to form
6- Matt Moore
154- Victor Martinez mini straight cut back
Future Stars of Brandon Beachy

Brown Borders-
92- AAAAAADDRIIIAAANNNN Gonzalez. This'll go well with the brown border I have of him from last year
190- ROBBIE CANO, don't ya know.

Pack 7-
229- Ty Cobb. What a mean person.
226- Johnny Bench.
170- Cliff Lee. And the regular version of him
49- Adrian Beltre. Still overrated
225- Albert Belle mini
Moonshots of Albert Pujols. Nice. My 3rd card of him as an Angel

Pack 8-
118- Ike Davis
13- Anibal Sanchez
191- Michael Cuddyer on the Rockies
3- Billy Butler
238- Rollie Fingers mini
Future Stars of Eric Hosmer. Damn right

Pack 9-
279- Jeff Niemann
119- Justin Morneau. Probably never will be as good as he used to be
126- Brett Myers
136- Marteen Prado
122- Casey McGehee RED BACK MINI
240- Tim Lincecum.

Brown Borders-
245- Darryl Strawberry. Nice
244- Roger Maris. NICER!

So that's the break. Overall, I really like this set, and will continue to collect it.

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