Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Votto Edition

The Reds have never been a hateful team to me. If anything they've been quite fun to watch. Even in the years where all they had was Ken Griffey Jr. and Bronson Arroyo, they were never a team to root against. And they aren't such a team right now. Votto is one of those players that usually hits well, and gets the crowd on his side. And there's a whole team full of fun players like that, with the exception of maybe Aroldis Chapman. People like Bruce, Phillips, Cueto, Rolen and so on are all good to watch, and you can't really root against them.

One of these days I also need to make it out to a Reds game. Just because.

Coming Tomorrow- Wait, what's that coming out of Kansas City? Could it be...A DECENT LOOKING TEAM? And the young sophomore star acting as its fearless leader is up tomorrow.

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