Monday, April 16, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Heyward Edition

This season there have been four surprises in the NL East, okay maybe five.

One- the unpredictable ascent of the Washington Nationals.
Two- The Pretty-Much-Predictable decline of my own Philadelphia Phillies
Three- The Titanic Decline of the Miami Marlins
Four- The Entirely Impossible start of the New York Mets
Five- The fact that the Young, Strong Atlanta Braves are stuck in the middle.

This is completely ridiculous. How come the teams that were supposed to do well are sucking, and the teams that were supposed to suck are doing well? The only thing that's gone on as predicted is the Braves landing in 3rd, too good to be in last, and not good enough to be in first.

Believe me, this isn't the only prediction that's gone haywire. The Angels are last in their division right now, The Rays are last in THEIR division right now, tied with Boston, and the Dodgers are leading the NL West. It is a crazy first three weeks. Nobody can believe anything that's going on, especially in the NL East.

Another surprise- Jason Heyward has yet to become the household name he was destined to be. And it's a shame: after a stellar rookie season, he was destined for a huge career, then was saddled with a sophomore slump last year. The guy has talent. His team really needs him, and they sure as hell don't need another David Justice, or another Mark Lemke (I know, how dare I say his name in vain.) They need Jason Freaking Heyward, and they need the one from 2010.

Whether they'll get him or not is beyond me. But you never know; if Jason Heyward gets back to his old self, it won't be the craziest happening in the NL East.

Tomorrow- Meanwhile, all the way on the other side of the country, Some form of magic is happening to a struggling team, and I'm not just referring to their new owner. Their big star is on the slate for tomorrow.

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