Saturday, April 7, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Wood Edition

Last year I went to a Nationals game, against the Cubs. I was down near the bullpen, hoping to field a few practice balls. I was looking around, and I see a Cubs fan near the bullpen, flagging down somebody to help get the ball. Kerry Wood pops out, and the Cubs fan is overjoyed. And the guy just has a conversation with Kerry. Hell, I think the topics ranged from "We're so happy to have you back" to "you guys were robbed back in 2003". And Kerry seemed like a really nice guy. First of all, I never knew how deep his voice was, and second of all, he was extremely affable.

The minute he gets onto the mound, he's as intimidating as hell.

I hope he finishes his career a star, and I hope Chicago gives him the respect he deserves.

Coming Tomorrow- Roberts. Bunning. Carlton. McGraw. Schilling. And now the man who will indefinitely join their ranks the minute he retires.

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