Monday, June 13, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Reyes Edition

In the last half decade, this guy has been dominant at his position, and at the plate. Him, Wright and Beltran have teamed up for an explosive plate combination. But now, as the rest of the team has become young, inexpirienced stars, and older, newly traded people (who are now circling the DL), Reyes' options for the 2012 season have opened up. I mean, let's face it- he's certainly not staying in Queens. And look...even though Reyes might get traded again this season, I still wanted to make an awesome custom of him before he left. And I definitely succeeded.

Coming Tomorrow- A few weeks ago, I made Hosmer. A few months ago, I made Butler. But as the Royals seem to be getting better as the year goes on, I figure I have to post their newest star. They call him the Moose.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice card. It feel more like the OPC reprint from Upper Deck a few years ago than a '75 Topps. Is that intentional?