Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Bunch of Topps Series 2! Finally!

In years past, when I have ventured out to the local target in search of Series 2, I have been shorthanded the first couple of tries, and must come back a week later, and repeat the cycle until a month later when the product actually arrives at my local Target. This year, my local Target was stocked so I'd only have to come disappointed zero times. I bought two rack packs and a cereal box. Let's see how awesome this product is:

Rack Pack 1-
First Card: 442- Juan Pierre. Hey, better than Michael Cuddyer from Series 1's first card.
591- John Axford
395- Tyler Flowers
349- Drew Stubbs
622- Matt Thornton
479- Justin Duchduchduchduchduchducherer
346- Jose Bautista cl.
580- Chris Young- the one that didn't beat Rihanna and doesn't play for the Diamondbacks.
360- Ivan Rodriguez, future Hall of Famer.
638- Ryan Madson
627- Kyle Blanks GOLD NUMBERED TO 2011
Jeremy Hellickson TT
364- Tim Wakefield.
379- Ben "The other guy in the Cliff Lee deal" Francisco
414- Jose "Not Bengie, Alfred or Yadier" Molina
402- Jack Cust. Not a clown.
621- Omar Beltre. No relation to Adrian.
596- Anibal "Peaked as a rookie" Sanchez
442- Brad Bergesen
499- JA Happ.
407- Jonathan Broxton
618- Josh Lueke
635- Jason Heyward Rookie Cup.
614- Twins
631- Astros
592- Dayan Viciedo SHINY CARD
Paul Molitor mini
Frank Robinson 60 Years.
Rickey Henderson Topps 60
429- Skip Schumacher
546- Pat The Bat Burrell
607- Daniel Murphy, another reason the Mets are going downhill
463- Will Venable

Pack 2-
610- Josh Beckett. BOOOOO!
527- Kila Kilhuuuuue
480- Dustin Pedroia. BOOOOOO!
470- Billy Butler.
619- Johnny Venters
354- Scott Baker
535- Rich "Not the Total Access guy" Harden
386- Barry Enright
333- Tom Wilhelmsen
511- Phillies
568- Royals.
HOLY CRAP, A SHORT PRINT!!!! This one's an Eddie Murray, awesome.
Roy Oswalt ToppsTown
339- Alexi Casilla
603- The Other David Murphy
542- Mike Pelfrey, another reason the Mets are going downhill
579- Jeff Niemann
519- Corey Hart. Word is still out on whether he wears sunglasses at night games. And if you got that joke, you're over thirty.
611- Geovany "Slowly Sliding Downhill" Soto,
598- Johnny Gomes
562- Gordon "Well...we're waiting" Beckham
485- Delmon Young
588- RAJAI!
583- Ryan Spilborghs
612- Tigers
403- King Felix cl.
582- Kosuke Fukudome SHINY CARD!
Hamilton and Votto duo
Jim Palmer mini
Don Mattingly 60 Years
Before there was Topps of the Bowman Sets
Jacoby Ellisbury Topps 60
341- Kyle Kendrick. Sucks.
373- Trever Miller. Holy crap, he's still playing?
348- Landon Powell.
365- Adam Lind.

Cereal Box-
562- Gordon Beckham again
485- Delmon Young again
620- Josh Beckett again
527- Kila kildjsdkso again
480- Pedrioia again
470- Billy Butler again
475- Phil Hughes. Has he Blassed out?
578- Willy Aybar
561- Luke Gregerson, proof that the Padres are up sh*t's creek.
502- Jeff Baker.
584- Jason Bartlett
649- Joba Chamberlain. Not what we wanted him to be.
536- Tony Sipp.
368- Brian Broderick
347- Darwin Barney
344- Michael Korn. Worst band ever to be named after.
501- Japanese pitcher that I can't bear to type, for the Twins.
359- Halladay checklist.
Mike Stanton Red Card
509- Michael Bourn. Why did we give him up...
453- Joe Saunders
331- Carlos Guillen
626- Dan Haren.
489- Mark Zepchinski
629- Ivan NOVA!!! Glad I got a card of this guy.
498- Scott Feldman
528- Bobby Abreu
370- A terribly photoshopped Matt Garza
619- Johnny Venters again
637- Ricky Nolasco
419- Kelly Johnson
439- Ervin Santana
634- Mitch Moreland
426- Travis Buck
525- Vernon Wells, badly photoshopped.
340- Evan Longoria
468- Chone Figgins
374- Nats
633- Aaron Crow
412- Samuel Deydunno
643- Jaime Garcia
551- Marcus Tims
604- Joe Patterson
391- Phil Coke SHINY CARD
Posey, Feliz Duo. Well duh, they did play each other in the WS and win ROYs. How obvious for a combo card.
Hunter Pency Topps 60.
CODE CARD! LE's see who i get:
1973 Mac Scarce of the Philadelphia Phillies. Hey, at least its a vintage Philly. I can deal with that.
Lou Gehrig mini
Before there was Topps packwaster
Carl Crawford tt
Josh Bekckett NotYoMamma card
647- Jeanmar Gomez
396- Adam Jones
596- Anibal again
442- Bergesen again
499- Happ again
356- Soriano again
515- Carlos Beltran.
541- John Jaso
353- Cliff Pennington
382- Travis Snyder
452- David Freese
660- Ryan Zimmerman.
605- Brandon Belt RC
334- Cards
529- Maicer Izturis
413- Derek Holland
648- Cody Friggin Ross.

Wow. Some pretty awesome packs, and a pretty damn good product. As a postscript, I recieved a Royals ring on Diamond Giveaway. But still...really good packs.

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