Friday, June 3, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Russell Edition

Before the season started, sportswriters cited that the Phillies' acqusition of Cliff Lee was the best offseason move of the year, nearly overlooking the deal that brought a recovering Russell Martin to the Bronx. Of course, those same sportswriters are criticizing Lee for his 4-4 record with Philly, and praising Martin for his ability to take over for Jorge Posada behind the plate. While Cliff Leen may not have fufilled promises on the Phillies, Martin certainly burst everyone's expectations, and wowed for the Yanks this year. Thanks to backup power from Martin, and other players (on the DL now) like Andruw Jones and Eric Chavez, the Yankees may have the stuff to beat Boston this October. They better.

Coming Tomorrow- Two days ago, this guy made a spectacular catch against the outfield wall. He's also one of the speediest players in the game, and he's still young.

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