Thursday, June 30, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Uggla Edition

I know I just posted a Brave a couple days ago, but I found those photos the same day, made the customs the same day....and didn't make much else for the rest of the week. So there's 2 braves in 3 days. Not too bad, considering the star power Mr. Uggla over here once had. A few years ago he was pretty huge. Now, his hype has depleted, and he's just a regular old 2nd baseman for Atlanta. Which isn't a bad thing, being that they're following behind Philly in the division. But still...he's not what we all thought he'd be. He's just Dan Uggla.

Coming Tomorrow- Possibly a brief Custom Card sabbatical. I might make some more, but I'll be going on vacation soon. It's a baseball vacaction though...more details soon.

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