Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Asdrubal Edition

Ah, Asdrubal Cabrera. The Turd Ferguson of the MLB. Let's start by saying that this guy's team is circling 1st in the AL Central, which is pretty hard to do usually. Even with a lack of star power, the Indians are becoming a fan favorite. And this guy's been playing pretty good in the infield.

But then, there is the matter of his first name. I know it may be pretty popular in some parts of the world, but over on our continent, fans of Comedy Central are prone to snicker at his first name. Mainly for two reasons. One, because it is followed by a normal-by-Central-American-standards Last name. And Two, because it sounds like "Ass-dribble". Seriously. I'm surprised Frank Miller hasn't used that first name as a character name in one of his comic books.

All kidding aside, Mr. Cabrera is a pretty decent ballplayer. Although he is arguable the 3rd best player with the last name Cabrera (Behind Miguel and Orlando), he's obviously the best baseball player named Asdrubal. Unfortunately, that means as much as the best baseball player named Wandy, Rajai and Ichiro.

Coming Tomorrow- A pitcher for Anahiem who may have been overshadowed by the team's bigger guns.

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  1. That is a sweet custom, I love the '76s. He should be playing in the All-Star game next month (though he won't be a starter, as Jeter's popularity outweighs Asdrubal's performance). Also, I'm thinking you may not have seen Oralando Cabrera play this year; I'd rate him 4th on the all-Cabrera team, just after Melky. Thanks for doing an Indians custom, that was nice.