Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Nostalgic Box Break: 1998 Collector's Choice Series One (Part One)

Today, since it's been forever since I've done one of these, we're gonna look at Collector's Choice's last hurrah.

Yes, the penultimate Upper Deck Collector's Choice set, and the last time they could retain some of the gonzo, awesome concepts that made the set fun originally. You can see that CC's beginning to lose its way, as this is probably the most composed base set since the trial run in 1994. Plus, more kid-oriented concepts are beginning to come in, and even more inserts.

This is a changing brand, but it's still an awesome set. So, we have 36 packs, 12-per-pack. 12 packs today. Let's see how things were in 1998.

 Pack One- Now you see what we're up against. Inserts take up about half the pack, but they're GOOD inserts.

 This is the base design, and it's pretty slick and refined, especially for CC. This year was Jose Canseco's return to Oakland, after becoming a Jim Carrey reference back in Boston. Here....I guess he did okay, but he ended up in Toronto very soon after. Mostly because of this shirt thing.

 Landscapes work well with this base set, and CC had a ton more zoomed in shots this year. Especially with the Frias.
 Cover Glory is a semi-nod to Sports Illustrated, I believe. Sandy Alomar's not as surefire of a choice as his bro, but he still works. The rookie design is kind of cool this year, even though Javier Valentin's big ol' head is blocking most of it.

 THESE are the main event though. STARQUESTS, dedicated to big stars, big rookies, etc. They vary in rarity, so most of them are ONE STAR, but the more stars, the rarer. This, with no offense meant to the 08-09 UD Flagship insert set, is the real deal. Helton and Konerko both got to be pretty big stars, and it's nice when UD hits it on the head like that.

 Instead of the huge stars being full bleed, like usual CC, the stars were grey-bordered and team-colored in the bottom left corner. This works well enough, especially with Pudge.

 Pack 2- Also, at least the inserts stand out here.

 I have no idea how long Billy Wagner will stay on the Hall of Fame ballot. Not sure if he's going to get in, though.

 This shot is classic CC. Capturing the run at the exact right moment. I love it.

 I'd really love it if Vlad got into the Hall of Fame next year. He was so much fun to watch.

 Scott Rolen, a year after Rolen-Mania in Philly, in a nicely hued Starquest. Piazza gets the star-base, and it's a nice one.

 Now we get to talk about these. These...are weird little darlings. They're the only full-bleed cards in the set, and they picked one big star per team. The fact that it's Jeff Cirillo here says a lot about the 90's Brewers. But anyway, they barely even count as cards, because...

 Flip this over, and it's a fold-out card. You open the little compartment that's been taped off and there's stats and info in there about the Brewers. I didn't feel like opening it, because...Brewers.

 These are also here, and they're Baseball Stick-Ums, also one-per-team, which are flimsy cards that act as stickers. Nice concept, but I wish they'd be a bit more convincing as...cards.

 Pack 3- Just looking at the pack, it just breathes classic CC.

 Love this shot. Trevor Hoffman looks for the ultimate shot. Hopefully he'll be a Hall of Famer next year.

 Jeff Kent turning two. I still can't look at a card of his without thinking of his stint on Survivor.

 Nomar's StarQuest makes sense, but Dante Powell was a bit of a lame prediction for UD, even if the card does look cool.

 The throwback/minor-league uniform makes this one a little cooler than most Magglio rookies.

 Such a cool card. He must have been demonstrating to an offscreen Jose Canseco how to properly catch an outfield ball.
 Pack 4- The vertical base photography here was a bit underwhelming, to be honest.

 Man, this card makes it look like JT Snow actually did something impressive as a member of the Giants.

 This is what the Leader cards look like. Man, 1997 was a weird year.
 Most underrated home run hitter of all time.

 Blech Part 1.
 Blech Part 2. UD was a bit late throwing McGwire in a Cardinals uniform.
 On the upside, here's a rookie card of future Cardinals Cy Young hero Chris Carpenter.

 And the only proof you need that Rickey Henderson spent late 1997 with the Angels.

 Pack 5- Downside is we already get a few insert dupes right off the bat.

 Another uniform I didn't know Bret Saberhagen wore.

 Oh my gosh, what a great card. So much indecisiveness.

 A reminder that Brad Fullmer was a young, non-DH player once.

 Tim Salmon was still a pretty big deal in 1997, even though he was nowhere near his 1993 self.

 Another cool insert set, Masked Marauders, showcasing cool catchers. Brad Ausmus is the subject here.

 Gary Sheffield, fresh off a World Series title, fresh onto some kid's wall.

 Pack 6- Even more Inserts. Not the worst thing, either.

 Gee, I wonder who won the World Series in 1997. Naw, Livan looks pretty happy nonetheless.

 Hey, Cubs fans. Remember Kevin Orie?
Think about that every time you see 'em win this year. Times have been worse.

 Two pitchers who did some pretty crazy things in the late 90's. One gave up Mark McGwire's 62nd home run. The other pitcher a perfect game.

 Jose Cruz Jr, and TWO DIFFERENT MARK MCGWIRES! My God, the steroids are making him multiply!
 Javy Lopez, then just Javier, on another Masked Marauders insert.

 Pack 7- Inserts, 7. Base Cards 5. 1998, everybody.

 Oh my gosh. If I had this card a few years ago, I would have totally had Ricky Bottalico sign it instead of a little mini-poster I bought. This is insane.

 Bagwell's the one I'm keeping, but Knoblauch's is a TWO STAR, slightly rarer parallel.

 Eddie Murray as an Angel. Gotta love it.

 Jim Thome's this pack's Stick-Ums.

 Pack 8- I even made a little insert barricade at the bottom there.

 Tony Pena was still playing in 1997? For the Astros???
 There we go. Tony Gwynn, spending his last few seasons just pounding the ball.

 Double Frank, which is great, because he was killing it in 1998.
 Annnnd double Piazza. Man, I feel like Piazza going to the Mets disheartened a lot of UD execs.

 Pack 9- I feel like the base set was one of the least important parts of this set.

 Wow...Bob Hamelin was still playing in 1998...learn something new everyday.

 Kevin Millwood's rookie card, which is kind of cool.

 Wow. Commemorating Ryne Sandberg's last season in the bigs (for real this time). Nothing but respect.

 Scott Rolen, fresh off an awesome rookie year, quickly became the face of Philadelphia in 1998.
 Pack 10- Some freshly cooked irony coming up.

 Some 90's era heroes, like Jeff King.

 More evidence that everybody thought Jose Cruz would be huge in 1998.

 STEROIDS CORNER! Clemens gets the Cover Glory, while our FOUR-STAR-ULTRA RARE Starquest is of, of all people, Mark McGwire, who'd break Maris' record that year. So...UD will put an A's photo on the one-star StarQuest, but save the Cardinals one for the rarer one. Riiiight...
 Here's a slightly more respectable StarQuest, of Brad Radke.

 DID I MENTION THIS WAS 1998? Wow, these Steroid guys are everywhere.

 Pack 11- Slightly less steroids, I believe.

 Write in your own joke here.

 DOC! He wasn't at 1985 level, but he was still striking out batters for my Yankees back in '97.

 A rare non-Phils Doug Glanville.

 Glad to see Edgar was still an offensive powerhouse back in 1998.

 Kevin Brown, "THE THINKING MAN'S PITCHER". Man, that's a good one. And Ken Caminiti, post-MVP.

 Pack 12- Attack of the horizontals.

 Hard to believe this guy'd end up as the starting third baseman for the '04 Red Sox.

 Nomar and Jeff Kent. A preview of 1999.

Last one for today is a really cool, pensive shot of Garret Anderson.

I'll get around to Part 2 sometime this week,  but this is a pretty cool set.


  1. I never really fell in love with CC... because I was busy chasing all of the other parallels and inserts out there. I do have a soft spot for those Stick Ums though.

  2. I remember this well! Great break. Enjoyed your commentary.