Sunday, April 10, 2016

Custom Card of the Night: Teheran Edition

The Braves are playing to lose this year, and after a good couple seasons of being either right up there with the Nationals for #1, or being the third place line indefinitely, it's kinda weird to see them shooting for last.

The big bundle of youth in the lineup they had a few years ago. The only one that's left is Freddie Freeman. The farm-system aided rotation that people were excited about in 2012? Julio Teheran is the last man standing. Those two guys are still excellent, but they can't carry an entire team.

People like Jace Peterson and Adonis Garcia are coming up and performing well, and they're getting some spare parts like Bud Norris and AJ Pierzynski to at least perform adequately to at least get more wins than the Philadelphia 76ers did this year (10, I believe).

Teheran probably isn't going to be excelling in the wins category, but he's probably going to give you 150+ strikeouts, and still be pretty awesome, and potentially some hefty trade bait in July for someone that clearly is not Toronto to try and snag.

Assuming the Phillies don't completely deflate, Atlanta will probably end up in last this year, but not due to a lack of trying.

Coming Tomorrow- We thought he was done being productive. Then 2015 happened. Needless to say, the Bronx might be sad to see this guy go after this year.

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