Sunday, April 24, 2016

Custom Card of the Day: Samardzija Edition

I didn't think, like, three years ago, that this guy would end up becoming one of the definitive names in pitching.

Mostly because I couldn't spell his name three years ago.

This guy worried me starting out, because his tenure as a starter back in the late 2000's was...not great. Kind of concerning. So him coming back from the bullpen around 2012, 2013 was kind of surprising, but those times were desperate for the Cubs so it kind of made sense. I did enjoy the fact that he did eventually become a strikeout machine for them, so much that he became a commodity for traders. The guy's played for four teams since 2014.

The oddest thing about Shark, as he's lovingly referred to, is that, as a starter, he's never won more games than he's lost. He's never been on a great deal of 'winning' teams, and when he has, he hasn't been the most winning part. Shark's a strikeout artist, simple as that.

Shark has got to remind Giants fans of another long-haired strikeout artist in orange and black, one that just left the team. Unlike Tim Lincecum, Shark's been pretty solid so far on the Giants, being a solid #3 to Johnny Cueto and Madison Bumgarner. This could work out, because the Giants are almost definitely going to be a winning team in 2016, and it's just a question of how far they get. Samardzija should just enjoy the ride, because it's gotta be a great one.

Coming Tonight (?)- The hard-hitting third baseman that has all of the AL East frightened.

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