Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Custom Card of the Day: Chen Edition

Not a very good sign when the Phillies can get more wins than you right off the bat.

This is the sad part about the Marlins. This makes two years now. Here they go farming a really good lineup from scratch, getting good young players, piping more in every year. Offseason, they go and get some really good players, they look good in the Spring.

And then they just fall apart. Every time. I thought the Marlins were going to move mountains in 2015, but they made it to third, which, in the NL East, was 4th lite. This year's even worse, because right now they're in fourth, behind the Phillies who are miraculously staying afloat.

Wei-Yin Chen is the guy I really feel sad for, because last season he was great for Baltimore, and now he's doing...okay for the Marlins. He's not getting a ton of run support, and opposing hitters are eating him up. It's very sad, because I don't want him to go the Chien-Ming Wang route of bouncing between rosters until irrelevancy hits.

The Marlins are going to need more effort to jump start, or else they'll end up closer to the Braves than to the Nationals.

Coming Tonight- One of the best catchers in baseball.

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