Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Salt of the Murph

Man, some people just know the right moment to jump ship.

Daniel Murphy was the moral anchor of the Mets for a few good years back there, and was one of the defining forces behind the World Series run they made last year. However, the Mets decided not to re-sign Murphy, so he went to another team.

That team being the Washington Nationals.

Right now the Nationals are absolutely ruling the NL East, thanks in part to efforts from an outrageously-hot Bryce Harper, and, yes, Daniel Murphy hitting .400. The Mets are working back to the top, but are currently working to stay in second.

Which means Daniel Murphy must have hired a soothsayer or something, because that was scary. He knew exactly the right place to go. The Nats were more than willing to give up on re-signing Ian Desmond to accommodate him, and the infield of Zim-Murph-Espinosa-Rendon is a pretty spiffy one. The Nats are pretty strong right now, and it's looking like they're for real this year, unlike the infamous deflation of 2016.

The big variable here is Murphy, and whether or not he's gonna stay hot the whole season. I know he can hit, but he also likes to strike out, and this could work against the Nats. Still...I'm getting some good vibes from these guys.

Coming Tonight- I've done customs of all 30 teams...except for the one who took the longest amount of time to get a win. Here's their ace.

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