Monday, April 4, 2016

Custom Card of the Night: Kiermaier Edition

I just want to appreciate the last Spring Training custom of 2016. Because it's a beaut. Man, I bet Topps wishes they could still make cards like that nowadays...

Going into 2016, it's looking rather tough for the lower tier of the AL East, which, this season includes the Rays. It's looking like the Red Sox and Blue Jays will dominate the division this year, and it's really a race for third at this place. The Yankees could make it, but will they be able to hold up the whole way through without one of their treasured starters getting attacked by a seagull or something? The Orioles have the least chance of the five, but even they have a lot to brag about, like Chris Davis, Yovani Gallardo and Manny Machado.

So where does that leave the Rays? Your guess is as good as mine at this point.

I mean, initially, you'd think they'd fall pretty low in the standings, since they haven't made any huge moves, and have lost most of their heavy-hitters, save for Evan Longoria and Chris Archer. But they've made a lot of little moves, and kept a lot of fairly strong young players. They're working on building a solid foundation for a team that could be good eventually, but I'm not exactly sure if 2016 is going to be that year. I'm not sure that even the youth movement can get around Toronto, because they have a ton more established players in prime positions.

What the Rays WILL BE, in 2016, I assume, is some pretty tricky competition. I guarantee that some teams aren't gonna get as far as they should due to losing crucial games to the Rays. They could kill some playoff runs in the future, even if they aren't one themselves. I'm not sure if the Rays will be contenders, but Kevin Kiermaier is due for an amazing season, and he's not gonna do that on a last place team.

And if he is, it'll be a pretty smooth last-place-team.

Coming Tomorrow- This is not a dream. The first Cardinal of the year comes before the first Yankee or Phillie of the year. And it's one of my least favorites, too.

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