Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Custom Card of the Night: Donaldson Edition

Billy Beane still must be shaking his head over letting Josh Donaldson go. That's something you just don't do.

It's not exactly one of those 'how could you have known' kind of things. Josh Donaldson in 2013 was electric. Josh Donaldson in 2014 was even more electric. Unless Billy Beane was intentionally purging talent, he couldn't have seen someone even better in Brett Lawrie. And yes, Lawrie's capable of quite a bit, and he's kind of killing it in Chicago right now, but he wasn't Josh Donaldson.

Donaldson became even more of a home run beast than he was in Oakland...the EXACT SECOND he got to Blue Jays, and got an MVP for it. Now, Donaldson's next trick is going to be proving that he does indeed have staying power outside of a three-year run. Because the Blue Jays, while predicted to lead again, have a rocky divisional battle ahead of them, and need Donaldson to be his hard-hitting self again.

So far...the guy's leading the league in Home Runs and RBIs, and he's still looking exactly like he did last year. I'm not the hugest Jays fan, but I know how much Donaldson means to the Jays, and I know how huge they're gonna become if he sticks around and stays as powerful.

Coming Tomorrow- He's pretty close to .400. I know it's April, but that's a pretty big deal, especially considering how stacked the odds were against this guy after landing in D.C.

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