Thursday, April 7, 2016

The New #2??

Yeah. We're talking about this. If the diehard Yankee fan says we need to talk about it, we need to talk about it.

Carlos Correa broke into the MLB last year like wildfire, and made his already-airtight team even stronger, culminating in a playoff run, and an even stronger team for 2016.

He's also an incredibly versatile young shortstop who is hitting beautifully, playing awesome defensive ball, and making a striking presence just by existing as an Astro. Because he's so amazing, and young, and a shortstop, all the Derek Jeter comparisons are coming flooding in. And I think half of them actually hold some water.

I saw Carlos play shortstop last year, in a game against the White Sox. The second he got up to bat there was something I liked about him. The swing is there. The power is there. The run is there. He's got the makings of a pretty perfect ballplayer right here. His shortstop skills are there too. I knew it. My dad knew it.

The Sox ended up winning, but we knew we were watching someone very special. His first few games this season, he's been flat out pounding. He's got a knack for killing Yankee pitching, which may not be good news for me, but it generally good news for the rest of the league.

I'm not sure if he's gonna have the career Derek Jeter had, but he's definitely got the makings for the kind of athlete Jeter was.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the astonishing young pitchers in Queens.


  1. It was blessed to have the opportunity to see Jeter play in person a few times at the Oakland Coliseum... as well as watch him throughout his career on television. He was definitely a once in a generation kind of player. If and it's a big IF... Correa can come close to Jeter's legacy... I think it would be awesome (and this is coming from an A's fan).