Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Brew-th is Out There

Yeah, if the Dr. Phil pun yesterday wasn't a stretch, THIS ONE is. Especially considering the Chris Carter-X-Files connection. Whatever. If I'm not having fun blogging, there's no reason to blog, and god knows I'm not done yet.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. The Brewers, and Chris Carter.

The Brewers are one of those teams that have gone through a couple phases of being really good, only to trade people away the next year. This seems to be an ongoing cycle for them, as they'll only get so far into the playoffs, or, like in 2014, they'll come so close to the postseason and lose out at the last second.

This season looks, sadly, like another down one for the Brewers. Currently they're not in last, the Pirates are, but the NL Central race is so close that this probably won't be the case for very long. Pitching-wise, they're depleted. Lineup-wise, they're depleted, and the guys they have left will likely be gone by July (lookin' at you, Lucroy).

Chris Carter is in the Adam Lind position. He's a career DH-1B who's brought into the NL, thrown into first base, and so far he's been performing well. Chris Carter has the ability to strike out so many times that he makes his accomplishments look meek in comparison, which makes him kryptonite for fantasy players.

Not sure if he'll be blasting homers throughout the season, but so far he's at least been worthy of some mentions, which is more than I can say for most of the Brewers this year.

(Sorry if this post is so cynical. I'd be less cynical if the Brewers were doing better)

Coming Tonight (?)- A shortstop for another team that's not making a ton of news this year.

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