Friday, April 15, 2016

Custom Card of the Night: Santana Edition

It's nice knowing that there's a team in your division that's way worse than you.

The Indians are doing just 'all right' so far, with nothing huge, other than Mike Napoli, Jason Kipnis and Carlos Carrasco, to write home about, but really they should feel pretty nice, knowing that the Twins have currently lost all nine of their games. Which is refreshing- last year the Twins outdid the Indians in a few too many pennant matches to block them from playoff hopes, while inadvertently blocking themselves.

Carlos Santana has found himself as the offensive anchor of the team, after settling in as the DH this year. He's doing his usual business of hitting a ton of home runs while his defensive capabilities slowly and surely disintegrate. Look, the guy hasn't been perfect, but he can still hit, and that's all Indians fans care about. They have people like Jason Kipnis and Francisco Lindor to play some solid defense. There can be a balance here.

This is a team that's relying on a ton of cheap roster pickups, like Marlon Byrd, Rajai Davis and, yes, Mike Napoli, to get somewhere other than last. So far, they're in fourth. But unless there's a huge spark coming soon, that's where they're probably going to stay. This is a team that has some important pieces in place. I just hope they can finish the puzzle soon, so we can get some postseason production.

Coming Tomorrow- Speaking of people that hit a lot, the new first baseman for Milwaukee.

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