Thursday, October 13, 2022

Division Series' Day 2: The Ties That Bind


Welp...looks like the NLDS series aren't gonna be finished on Friday after all. 

I had a feeling that one of these series' would be pretty competitive, but we also have the fact that the Dodgers aren't gonna waltz all the way to the NLCS. If anything, it ensures that this stage of NL playoff ball will remain interesting, and that the team you thought was gonna be in control won't always be.

Also, I can say this: Kenley Jansen got a postseason save last night and the Dodgers lost. How weird is that.

Okay, so...Braves-Phillies, you know it wasn't gonna be unanswered. The Braves are awesome this year, they have Austin Riley and Ronald Acuna, and these are the Phillies, who often LOSE to the Braves. It was bound to happen. And so Kyle Wright shutting down the Phillies lineup as the heart of the order takes down Zack Wheeler is...understandable. And so now we're tied up heading to Philly. I went to a Phils-Braves game this year, and it was a pretty low-key crowd, but Phils-Braves IN THE MIDST OF A CRAZED PHILLY FAN-FILLED STADIUM. Oh man. Charlie Morton could still have his stuff, but with all those Phils fans wanting blood, it's gonna be tough.

Meanwhile, although he gave up some early runs, Yu Darvish is still an excellent postseason pitcher, and him staying steady as the Padres, including Machado and Cronenworth, have fun with Clayton Kershaw, is a very telling variable in this Padres-Dodgers series. Even if the Dodgers are the overwhelming favorite, the Padres can still win games, and they plan on outhitting this team when they put their guard down, like they did the Mets. Kershaw, like Scherzer, is the latest and greatest pitcher to fall victim to this lineup. I don't think they're done, either, especially if they're going back to PETCO Park in a stadium full of people who haven't seen a playoff team at home in years. 

Whatever picks up on Friday is gonna be wild. Tonight's should be interesting too. 

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