Saturday, August 29, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Series 2 Target Box

Well, wouldn't you know it, I finally found some place hat sells baseball cards. Target. Ahh, Trget, I will always remember you as my collecting hero. Anyway, I got a 10 pack box of UD Series 2, because A-I like the product and B- I'm rounding out the last of my Topps set.

What are we waiting for? Let's rip!

Pack 1-
644- Zach Miner. I don't know who this kid is, but he's a pitcher for the Tigers.
525- Gregor Blanco. This kid is going to be good. I think he Braves have found another Chipper...or another guy to trade.
674- Kyle Farnsworth. Ahh, memories. He didn't do that well for the Yanks, but he made wearing glasses while pitching a new fashion style, back when Greg Maddux had started wearing contacts.
UD20 of Pedro Martinez on the Sox. Thanks for also bringing back a horrid memory, Upper Deck!
Starquest Nick Markakis. Hey, Nick! Great player, and I'm not just speaking for the Orioles fans in the room. Nick is also great to watch.
960- AAAADRIAN Gonzalez Gold Glove. Adrian is wearing his army tan uni, which looks pretty good and Tan makes sense for the Padres.
583- Carlos Quentin. Two years ago, if you would have told me that the outfielder for the D-Backs would become a big time star, I would've laughed my butt off.
670- WANDY a staple of a mediocre box break

Pack 2-
748- Joe Nathan.
813- Ryan Howard. Now we're talking. This is a guy that never disappoints when I see him play.
885- Adam Kennedy
954- Adrian Beltre Gold Glove. Wait a sec- HOW did this guy win the Gold Glove again?
Starquest of...Nick Markakis! Only this one's a Gold Rare. Anyone want a Marky Starquest?
724- Chris Duffy. He'll have you begging him for mercy- wait, wrong Duffy.
914- Ian "How did this guy hit a homer against the Yankees" Kinsler
815- Paul Maholm. Seeing by the number, I wonder if this guy was in a plane cra- Yes, I am a Lost geek.

Pack 3-
532-Jim Johnson. Wow,a card of a Nascar driver-or not. I have no idea who this guy is.
876- Ryan Ludwick, someow the sidekick to Albert Pujols this season.
751- Carlos Beltran.
538- Chris Ray. Another reason why the Orioles are in trouble- no real pitching.
Starquest Curtis Granderson. Great player.
993- Wilson Betemit Checklist. Why is this guy a checklist, as opposed to the million other stars that the Sox have.
756- Mike Pelfrey.
610- David Delluci.

Pack 4-
685- Brandon Wood. Who?
915- TJ Beam. We had this guy once, and we canned him.
550- Ramon Ramirez. Another studio shot.
Starquest Gold Rare Tim Lincecum. Yeah, Lincy's awesome, but this looks like the Topps picture.
Goodwin Champions Derek Jeter. This is a very cool insert set, hopefully they won't go the Goudey route with it.
818- Nyjer Morgan. Again, wasted, traded talent.
881- Jason LaRue. HOLY CRAP, look at that guy's mustache on the back! It's a Village People stache!
612- Masahide Kobeyashi. Most unprounouncable name since Jeff Samarhfjldhfjlhf.

Pack 5-
568- Alfonso Soriano, who I somehow keep getting cards of.
686- Erick Aybar.
978- Kevin Gregg Checklist. Why is this guy a checklist?
Starquest Geovany Soto. Have it. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
782- Michael Wuertz
910- Joaquin Benoit. Does Upper Deck have to include everyone?
834- Cla Meredih.
781- Alex Rodriguez.The token A-Rod has arrived.

Pack 6-
795- Justin Ducherrer.
586- Clay Richard. Now on the Padres. A shame, though.
704- Mark Lorretta.
Starquest Curtis Granderson Gold Rare. What's with the double Starquests?
628- Jason Marquis.
636- Clete Thomas.
734- Fransisco Liriano. Great pitcher.
725- Seth McLung.

Pack 7-
732- Ryan Braun. One of the young stars of the Brewers.
649- John Baker. Who? This punk instead of Ronny Paulino? And Cody Ross?
555- David Ortiz. Even though he plays for the Red Sox, I don't hate this guy. I hate Youklis.
961- Brandon Phillips Gold Glove. Brandon is wearing Army Tan. It is ugly and doesn't make sense for the Reds to wear.
1006- Ryan Perry. This is one of the extra rookies.
Starquest Josh Hamilton. Finally, someone new.
513- Doug Davis.
557- Jonathan Papelbon. Again, no hate.

Pack 8- This pack feels thick.
66- Roy Oswalt. Common for me to pick out at this point.
Starquest Cliff Lee. Now on the Phillies, and pitching Beautifully.
HOLY CRAP A GAME USED!!!! This is of a USA team member, Chris Hernandez. I don't know who this guy is, but I'm probably keeping it. Was this the Pirates guy?
855- Ken Griffey Jr. 2003 Season. This is a cool card. It's a 2009 base card of him on the Reds, and it only goes up to 2003 on the back.
671- Esteban German.
666 (DEVIL! DEVIL! AHHHHH!)- Carlos Lee, who I keep getting in UD packs.

Pack 9-
860- Brandon Morrow.
504- Jon "Nice Tats" Rauch
983- Felipe Lopez Checklist. Why is this guy the checklist?
Starquest of...Geovany Soto. Hey at least it's gold.
888- Ben Zobrist. Good picture. Maybe that is the only reason fans wanted him in the All Star Game
647- Anibal Sanchez.
898- Evan Longoria. Nice player.
829- Heath Bell, the other All Star huh.

Pack 10-
608- Kerry Wood. What a stare.
831- Kevin Kouzmanoff.
770- Nick Swisher, who is doing wonderfully for the Yanks.
UD20 Nolan Ryan HOF.
Starquest of Carlos Quentin. The Quentins keep coming!
972- RAAAUUUUUUUUUL! Checklist. Finally I get a Raul on the Phils.
595- How's the Weathers up there? Doing clumsily for the Reds.
787- RAJAI! another staple of box breaks.

I think I did pretty well. I got the Jeter, A-Rod, Howard, RAUUUUL and billions of Starquests. I also got a cool Game used, even though I don't know who the guy is. So no regrets.


  1. Which flavor of Starquest is that Markakis? I might be interested in trading for it, if it's available.

  2. n/m now i see! i'm interested in the gold one, if you'll part with it.

  3. Yeah, I can do that. The gold one isn't necesarily important to my collection. What are you offering?