Monday, August 24, 2009

Custom Card of the Day

Mariano was pretty easy to shop in there. I just made the P box another layer and put him in. Unless I do the 1983 or 84 designs, this is going to be easy.
Anyway, I'm sure most of you saw what happened yesterday at the Mets/Phillies game. Eric Bruntlett, famous for being signed to the team last year for no important reason only to be a Smithers to Matt Stairs' Burns, did the unthinkable. Francoeur was up, and Bruntlett was playing second. Francoeur hits a liner to second, where Bruntlett catches the ball, steps on the bag to tag Luis Castillo, and tags Dan Murphy going to third.
My jaw dropped.
Not since a certain 2nd basemen for the Rockies have we seen such a play. Suddenly,the Phillies are hot again.

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