Saturday, August 8, 2009

Homeless Hall of Famer

The same day that my man Jason Giambi gets released, John (Not Jon) Smoltz gets designated for assignment!


Why is it that the once great players that were picked up because of star power are all suddenly being released!?!?

Good news is, apparently the Yankees aren't releasing A-Rod after last night's game. And Burnett and Beckett firing at the teams with so much power that neither team could do anything! Did anyone else see that?


Well, I saw a few hours of that, and that may be some of the best pitching felled by more of the best pitching. It's like Beckett and Burnett both got mirrors and faced them at each other. Kudos to A-rod for breaking the tie after 15 innings. That takes skill. You know what else takes skill? Pitching a shutout, that's what.

This is why we got Burnett. So that the toughest pitcher against the Red Sox would pitch against the toughest pitcher against the Yankees. And win.

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