Thursday, August 6, 2009

Upper Deck Series 2 3 Pack Extravaganza (Featuring Allen and Ginter

After the devastating blow this morning, I decided to get myself some UD cards to mourn the loos. Since my Target wants to piss everyone off and doesn't carry O-Pee-Chee, I got 2 packs of Series 2 and a pack of Allen and Ginter. Yes I know it's a Topps product, but it's a high-end throwback product using cardboard nonetheless.

Let's rip. We start with the Allen and Ginter

271- Jair Jurrjens. One of the best names in the Major League. Earlier this season, he faced Jamie Moyer, and Jair's year of birth was the same year Moyer broke into the majors- 1986.

142- LaShawn Merritt. Hmm, a non-baseballer. This guy is a USA runner for the Olympic team. Yes, Topps, a USA player is swell, but why not use USAIN FRICKIN BOLT???

119- Scott Lewis rookie. I have never heard of this guy on the Indians, although he may just pop up and win a Cy Young and boom- another guy the Phillies can spontaneously take for no reason other than to divert attention away from the failing deal to trade for an aging fireballer.

35- Geovany Soto. NL Rookie of the Year, and, apparently, snacking buddy of Mikey Phelps.

Mini 67- Ian Kinsler. These mini's are fun, but you have to be younger than my age to read the very small print

National Pride of Joba Chaimberlain. WOOOO, a Yankee!

Onto the UD

812- Eric Bruntlett, the guy that for some strange reason saved Philly for one game last October. Hmmph. Weird.

640- Gary Sheffield. Sure, it's Series 2 and all, but couldn't Upper Deck be nice and put Extraordinary Gary in a Mets uniform? That's why they lost the rights!

750- Ryan Church. Yes, great player, but for Lastings Milledge?

718- Corey Feldman

559- Hideki Okajima. One of the most underrated Boston Pitchers. Mainly, because the other pitchers are a Japanese Superstar, a Marlin phenom, a Braves legend, a knuckleballer, a homegrown closer, a washed up would-be-star, Lucky Lester and a Dodger hero. At least Topps didn't have this much competition.

909- Nelson Cruz, somehow, the hero of the Home Run derby.

668- Geoff Geary. Former Philly, but he still sucks.

987- Rocco Baldelli checklist. This guy may have gained my trust by not being hurt the entire season, but he's still not as popluar as, oh, the entire starting lineup!

UD 20th Anniversary of Bob Gibson.

Starquest Brian McCann. Another underrated player, but still the second best player on the Braves.

1000- Michael Young checklist. Wow, I got the last card in the set, if it weren't for a couple of rookies.

755- JJ Putz. Not Jewish.

716- Hiroki Kuroda. Facial expression on card has him holding his breath. Looks like he's about to light one, if you know what I'm saying.

764- Carlos Delgado. Delgadofest carries on.

633- Fernando Rodney. Packful of underratedness.

670- WANDY!!!

815- Paul Maholm. I'm trying to remember if the Pirates traded this guy.

610- David Bonaduce- sorry, Delucci.

Pack #2

880- Yodel Pinero.

635- Bobby Seay, some guy who I've never heard of. That's the problem with Upper Deck. They include every single player.

534- Nick Markakis. Saw him play a few nights ago.

687- Robb Quinlan. This is what I mean. I've never heard of this guy,and BOOM-UD set. That's why they lost the rights!

565- Mike Tatertot

959- Yadier Molina Gold Glove. Catcher's gear makes him look like he's on the Tigers.

546- Josh Bard. Again with the white sheet background. I hate it as much as NightOwl does. This is why they lost the rights!

Starquest Geovany Soto. Another Soto.

948- Ricky Romero. Again, who? Every single rookie, even the ones that have no chance of making the Majors this year, like Steve Strasburg? This is why they lost the rights!

977- Mike Hampton, looking a lot like Gary Sinise. Also, why do they print the players on the checklists? This is why they lost- oh fer cying out loud!

916- Marco Scutaro
597- Mike Licoln. Who?
882- The actual Yaider Molina card.
780- Jose Molina!
787- RAJAI!
616- Ben Fransisco, now on the Phillies.
729- Rickie Weeks.
561- Javier Lopez.

That's what you get.

Hopefully, my Target will get some OPC, and I'll break it right in front of you. Here's hoping.

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